Man faces charges after dog attack

As a pit bull under his care viciously attacked another man’s dog, 33-year-old Stephen Donta Brown went into his Ames Place home and closed the door, ignoring the pleas of help from the other man who was trying desperately to get the pit bull off his pet, city police alleged in court papers.

Because of his failure to come to the man’s aid, Brown, of 650 Ames Place, has been charged with recklessly endangering. He also faces dog law violations as does the pit bull’s owner, Rashad Payne, 40, of the same address.

Police said the attack occurred about 8:30 a.m. on June 1 as James Carn was cutting grass on property he owns near Brown’s home. Carn had with him his collie mix, Malaika, police said.

One of two pit bulls on Brown’s front porch ran off the porch and attacked Malaika, police said, adding that the attack was unprovoked.

“The pit bull had Malaika pinned on the ground, biting through the neck,” the officer said in an affidavit.

“Brown kicked at the pit pull a few times and then went inside his house,” the officer said.

Carn came to his dog’s rescue, punching the pit bull repeatedly in the head as he tried to pry open the pit bull’s jaws, the officer said. Carn continued to yell for Brown to help him, but Brown never came back out of the house, the officer added.

As Carn wrestled with the dog, Malaika managed to break free and run to his owner’s truck, court records state. Carn returned the pit bull to Brown’s porch and left the dog in the house, closing the door, police said.

Malaika underwent veterinary care and recovered, police said. Carn sought medical care for shoulder and leg injuries he suffered during the incident, police said.

Brown has been sent a summons to appear for a preliminary hearing. The case will be heard by an out-of-county official because Carn is a retired district judge.