More prison time for getaway driver in 2011 robbery

The getaway driver turned key witness in a 2011 city robbery was sentenced this week in Lycoming County Court.

Anthony M. Rudinski, 41, of 309 Main St., South Williamsport, will be serving a five to 10 1/2 year sentence in state prison for conspiracy to commit robbery, receiving stolen property and access devise fraud.

Rudinski pleaded guilty on Sept. 1 to charges he received for his involvement in the armed robbery of an elderly couple on Ross Street in December of 2011.

Kaiyim Boyce and known heroin dealer Hyson E. Frederick robbed and terrorized Bruce and Brenda Ginther at their home at 59 Ross St. with a sawed-off shotgun before speeding off with mostly jewelry.

Boyce has previously pleaded guilty, but Frederick took his charges to trial.

Rudinski, a heroin addict who frequently bought drugs from Frederick, testified that he drove the men to an alley near Rose Street and waited while they robbed the house.

But throughout his trial, Frederick said he wasn’t involved in the robbery. He said the jewelry and the sawed-off shotgun were all given to him through trading with Rudinski for heroin.

Frederick was found guilty after a three-day trial in 2013 and sentenced to serve 26 to 52 years.

Rudinski’s sentence will be tacked onto a seven to 15 year sentence he is currently serving for a string of child porn charges.

Rudinski was arrested in 2013 and took that case to trial nearly three years later.

He was found guilty of 16 counts of possession of child pornography and one count each of sexual abuse of children for disseminating child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility. He was sentenced in September of 2016.