Mansfield man charged with murder in New York

MANSFIELD — Late last Thursday night, a Tioga County man crossed state lines into New York where he attempted a kidnapping, stole two cars and killed a man as he tried to burglarize his home, according to a Chemung County, New York, sheriff’s office press conference posted online on Nov. 3.

Pennsylvania state police arrested the Mansfield man at UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital on Nov. 3, after he returned to his hometown in a stolen vehicle owned by a victim he shot and killed, according to an affidavit by Pennsylvania state police.

According to police, it is unknown why Curtis J. Burrows, 32, of 15540 Route 6, traveled across state lines to commit the string of crimes, but police first were notified when he attempted to kidnap a woman who he had spoken to on social media.

“Corning police department was advised of an attempted kidnapping involving a handgun at about 8:30 (Nov. 2),” said Jeff Spaulding, Corning chief of police.

According to police, Burrows had approached a woman, who he knew from talking with her on social media, in a parking lot in Corning, New York, and held her at gunpoint with a semi-automatic .45-caliber weapon. He then forced her to get back into her car and attempted to handcuff her, but the victim was able to escape from the car, according to Corning police.

Burrows fled in the vehicle, but New York State Police reportedly found it at 9:05 p.m. that night, abandoned in a ditch.

Officers continued to search for Burrows in the woods across from where he left the victim’s vehicle. During the search, state police used canines as well as a helicopter to find the fleeing suspect.

At 12:28 a.m., it was discovered, according to police, that Burrows had forced his way into a nearby home. Burrows allegedly shot and killed Timothy R. Webster, 60, and stole his pickup truck.

Corning police say that, as of now, there is no connection between Burrows and Webster and that Burrows entered the home and killed Webster while Webster’s wife was inside.

Burrows drove the stolen vehicle back over state lines and into Mansfield, where he flipped the truck onto its roof.

“It’s my understanding, from talking to law enforcement, that they were on the lookout for a vehicle. They did encounter the vehicle, and found (it) crashed with no occupants in it,” Spaulding said.

According to police, Burrows then went to a local house where he asked the homeowner to take him to the nearest hospital because he had been in an accident.

After dropping Burrows off at the hospital, the homeowner called police. State police arrived at the UPMC Susquehanna Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, where they arrested Burrows.

According to the affidavit, Burrows will be extradited back to Chemung County and will be charged in New York state.