Police: Heroin dealer charged after routine city traffic stop

When city Patrolman Clinton Gardner conducted a routine traffic stop on Park Avenue on Saturday afternoon, he intercepted a drug deal in which Tyrone K. Sims was allegedly trying to sell a bundle of heroin, 10 bags, to another man, according to court records.

Sims, of Philadelphia, was a passenger in a 2005 Toyota Camry, whose driver was stopped in the 800 block of Park Avenue about 2 p.m. for failing to use his turn signal, police said.

The driver was “visibly shaking and his voice was quaking,” Gardner wrote in an affidavit. The officer said he recognized the passenger, who avoided eye contact with him, as a “known narcotics trafficker.”

The driver, who has not been charged, admitted that he was trying “to purchase a bundle of heroin for $70” from the passenger, who was then ordered out of the vehicle. Other officers arrived on the scene.

As the 25-year-old Sims was being searched, an officer recovered 119 packets of heroin in the man’s underwear, Gardner said in the affidavit. Sims also had four cellphones. Police allege Sims used them to arrange the drug sale to the passenger.

Charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin and illegal use of a cellphone, Sims was arraigned before District Judge Jon E. Kemp and ordered to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $300 bail.

On Tuesday, Sims’ legal problems mounted considerably when he was brought before District Judge Christian Frey to face two additional sets of drug charges; one filed by state police and a second filed by city police.

State police have accused Sims of selling $200 worth of heroin to a confidential informant at Seventh and Memorial avenues in the city on Oct. 24.

The next day, Sims sold 45 bags of heroin for $300 to an informant in the 600 block of Walnut Street, again in the city, police alleged in an affidavit.

In their criminal complaint, city police charged Sims with allegedly selling 11 bags of heroin to an informant at West Fourth and Grier streets on Oct. 24.

Following his arraignment on additional counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, Sims was returned to the jail in lieu of an additional $300,000 bail.