3 face drug charges after heroin overdose on Route 15

Three people in a Jeep face drug charges after one of them suffered an apparent heroin overdose in the 8000 block of Route 15 in Lycoming Township on Nov. 7, according to Old Lycoming Township police.

Motorist Linette Marie Plank, 47, of Liberty, faces a charge of possession of three bags of heroin while passenger Matthew McConomy, 20, of Wellsboro, has been charged with possession of 10 bags of heroin and a second passenger, Cameron Copley, 19, of Mainesburg, has been charged with possession of two bags of heroin.

Police said officers responded to the area after Copley suffered an overdose in the vehicle about 3:45 p.m. Initially he had gone unresponsive, but was conscious when officers reached the scene, police said.

McConomy also has been charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly throwing the hypodermic needle Copley used to inject heroin “over a guardrail,” police said. The needle was recovered, police said. He also faces a charge of possession of marijuana.

All three also have been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. They have been sent summonses to appear before District Judge William Solomon.