8 sentenced in Tioga County

WELLSBORO — Eight individuals recently were sentenced in Tioga County Court.

Sentenced to state prison was:

• Tyrell M. Schmidt, 31, of Westfield, nine to 24 months for criminal trespass.

Sentenced to County Prison were:

• Chance Lee Gilbert, 21, of Lake Worth, Florida, for possession with intent to deliver drugs

• Christopher Price, 90 days to 24 months minus a day and $8,768 restitution for criminal mischief.

• Ronald G. Brown Jr., 32, of Elkland, nine to 24 months minus a day and a $100 fine for simple assault.

• Joseph J. Strauss, 56, of Wellsboro, six to 24 months minus a day for simple assault.

• Todd E. Putman, 55, of Westfield, 90 days for disorderly conduct.

Sentenced to probation were:

• Beth Ann Mead, 38, of Coopers Plains, New York, 18 months, a $50 fine and $432 restitutuion for theft.

• Joseph Rhodes Share, 17, 15 months, a $200 fine and $469 restitution for receiving stolen property.