Police charge 4 people with various crimes

Four people have been charged with various criminal offenses, according to court records. Those charged and the police departments involved were:

• Domenic Hoffman-Demanno, 21, of 502 High St.; city police; furnishing alcohol to a minor for allegedly giving a 16-year-old boy “two to three shots” of an alcoholic beverage in his (Hoffman-Demanno’s) home on Nov. 18; teen was on the floor “highly intoxicated” when paramedics arrived on the scene; released on $5,000 bail.

• Matthew David Reed, 41, of 34 Canal Lane, Linden; city police; DUI at West Fourth Street and Funston Avenue on Sept. 22; sent a summons to appear before a district judge.

• Michael Allen Rogers, 27, of 180 Laurel Run Road; city police; DUI at Tenth and Memorial avenues on Sept. 20; sent a summons to appear before a district judge.

• Nathan R. Burrell Jr., 62, of York; city police; felony theft, attempted theft and related offenses for allegedly stealing a money bag containing $2,800 from Cady’s News, 331 W. Fourth St., on Sept. 21, 2015; also allegedly attempted to take cash and jewelry from Kinley’s Jewelers, 131 W. Fourth St., the next day; jailed in lieu of $40,000 bail; two other men have already been charged in the case.