Police withdraw charges in 2 separate cases

JERSEY SHORE — Criminal charges were withdrawn last week by the Tiadaghton Valley Regional police in two separate cases, according to court records at the office of District Judge Jerry C. Lepley.

In the one case, charges of simple assault and harassment were dropped against Warren Eiswerth, 27, of 220 Shady Acres Lane after the alleged victim, his wife, Sasha, declined to testify and did not want to pursue the case.

The charges stemmed from a disturbance at the couple’s home on Dec. 7.

In the other case, charges of theft and receiving stolen property were dropped against former Jiffy Mart employee Jo Elaine Snook, 58, of 110 1/2 N. Lincoln Ave., after she agreed to pay restitution to the store at 115 N. Pennsylvania Ave. as well as court costs.

The charged stemmed from Snook allegedly stealing $100 from the business, police said.