Charges withdrawn

In a plea agreement before District Judge William Solomon, Jonathan R. Durr, 23, of 2020 Lycoming Creek Road, pleaded guilty to a summary harassment charge after state police agreed to withdraw charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The charges stem from Durr striking Justin R. Lawrence in Lawrence’s home at 2465 Lycoming Creek Road on Dec. 4. Durr made arrangements to pay a $300 fine plus court costs.

In another case, city police dropped all charges against Nathan R. Burrell Jr., 62, of York.

He had been charged with felony theft, attempted theft and related offenses for allegedly stealing a money bag containing $2,800 from Cady’s News, 331 W. Fourth St., on Sept. 21, 2015.

Police dropped those charges as well as others in which they accused Burrell of allegedly attempting to take cash and jewelry from Kinley’s Jewelers, 131 W. Fourth St., the next day. Initially jailed, he was released after police opted to withdraw the offenses.

City police last week also dropped all drug charges against Victor Anton Strickland, 30, of 1012 Memorial Ave..

Police had accused him in December of allegedly having 10 bags of heroin in the 700 block of West Edwin Street in mid-July but withdrew the complaint at the office of District Judge Christian Frey.