Police: Children living in ‘deplorable’ conditions, parents charged

MUNCY — As borough police officers entered Collin and Ellie Jo Reid’s home at 145 W. Water St. on the afternoon of March 22, they were “immediately overcome by the stench of urine and feces,” Patrolman Ernest Delp III wrote in an affidavit.

Officers were there to assist a constable serve a warrant for Collin Reid’s arrest. At first, Ellie Jo, 37, refused to allow the officers to enter the house. However, they were allowed in once she saw the warrant.

“Officers found the living conditions of the couple’s home deplorable and dangerous with feces, garbage and other refuse throughout the house,” Delp said in an affidavit.

The couple lived in the house with their four children, who range in ages 10 to 17, Delp said.

“The bathroom was non-functional and had not been used in some time. The floor was covered with garbage, clothing and smeared with feces. The bathtub was coated with dirt and debris. There was a dead mouse” in the tub as well, the officer said.

“There was no hot water or heat in the home, and the property was deemed unfit for human habitation and a clear danger to the health and welfare of the children.

Reid, 39, was not found in the house and there was no information Tuesday night about the constable’s warrant for his arrest.

The county’s Department of Children and Youth was immediately notified.

Reid and his wife, now living in the Watsontown area, have each been charged with four felony counts of endangering the welfare of the children. The two were arraigned last week before District Judge Jon E. Kemp and released on $35,000 bail each.

Police said Tuesday night it was there understanding the children were living with their mother and grandmother.