PHOTO PROVIDED No one was injured when this large rough-terrain forklift toppled off of a trailer and overturned at routes 44 and 880 in Limestone Township about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to Nippenose Valley Fire Chief Dean Miller. The forklift was secured with five chains on the trailer that was being pulled by a dump truck. As the truck’s driver was turning off of Route 44 and onto Route 880, it was believed the forklift shifted, breaking one of the chains, Miller said, adding that this caused the four remaining supporting chains to give way. A heavy-duty tow truck was needed to upright the forklift and secure it back on the trailer, Miller said. Traffic was detoured around the intersection until 11:45 a..m., he added, The dump truck and forklift are owned by Robinson’s Concrete, of Linden, Miller said.

Flash flooding in the Williamsport area on Wednesday night overflowed small streams and creeks, overwhelmed storm sewer systems and inundated a few homes, including properties on Marlin Parkway and the 2500 block of Lincoln Drive in Loyalsock Township, according to reports.

Water flooded numerous intersections, and there were scattered reports of some motorists being briefly trapped in their vehicles until emergency responders reached them and helped them out of their cars.

In South Williamsport, Police Chief Robert Hetner reported that basements were filling up with water and there were a number of manhole covers that “popped off.”

Heavy flood water rushing down Maynard Street washed out stones underneath the pavement, “causing a partial collapse” of the street at Riverside Drive, Hetner said.

“Maynard Street from Riverside Drive to Whitford Avenue will be closed. It’s just too badly damaged,” Hetner said.

Residents on that black can get access to their home by using alleys, he said.

Also in the borough, police were needed in the 300 block of East First Avenue to handle a dispute involving two neighbors. One was accusing the other of pumping water out of a basement and into the neighbor’s yard.

Dan Dorman, the county’s emergency management agency coordinator, said Route 87, just north of Montoursville, was closed for a short period of time due to a mudslide near Eder’s Ice Cream. Crews from the state Department of Transportation had cleared up the mudslide so that the two-lane road could be re-opened by 10:45 p.m.

The local chapter of the American Red Cross also was on hand to provide emergency shelter in the event that any residents were forced out their homes due to flooding, Dorman said.

He confirmed there were reports of water reaching the first floor of some homes.

At least one Loyalsock Township family of four was forced to evacuate their home.

Volunteer firefighters were manning their stations and trying to keep up with the water emergency calls as they were coming in to the county’s 911 call center.