Police: Man arrested for running ‘trap house’

An 18-year-old alleged drug dealer — who operated what city police termed “a trap house” from out of his home in the 600 block of Park Avenue — was arrested Saturday night on charges of delivering and distributing heroin and marijuana.

“The sheer amount of foot traffic coming from this house, and the known individuals (seen going in and out of the property) is consistent with the house being a ‘trap house,’ a house where narcotics are stored for distribution,” Patrolman Clinton Gardner said in an affidavit.

Arrested outside his home was Nahiem Davis, of 613 Park Ave., shortly after “two clear plastic distribution bags used for packaging narcotics fell from his pockets” as Gardner was talking with him about 7:45 p.m.

The officer said he had approached Davis, who was standing at Park Avenue and Maple Street, and asked him if he could “speak to him in regards to a separate case involving narcotics trafficking. I asked him if he had anything on him,” Gardner said.

As Davis began pulling items out of his pockets, that’s when the empty distribution bags fell to the ground, Gardner said.

“What are they for,” the officer asked him. “Probably weed,” Davis replied.

“While standing with Davis, I detected a strong odor of marijuana” coming from Davis’ home, Gardner said.

The officer knocked on the front door, and when the owner opened it, “the odor of marijuana was overwhelming,” Gardner said.

Officers then conducted “a safety sweep” to determine if there were any other individuals in the house.

“During the sweep, we observed in plain view hundreds of packaging bands for heroin, large amounts of packaging material for heroin and marijuana, digital scales as well as an area that appeared to be used for cutting and packaging crack cocaine,” Gardner said.

The owner, who was not charged, gave consent for police to search the home.

Officers seized a total of 16 bags of suspected heroin and 7.4 ounces of marijuana primarily from two rooms, a living room and Davis’ bedroom, Gardner said.

The owner told police that Davis and other individuals, some known for allegedly selling drugs, spent “a large amount of time (upwards of five times a week) in the two rooms where the majority of the narcotics were recovered,” Gardner said.

The owner said Davis and the same individuals “made frequent trips to and from the house, entering and exiting the two rooms,” the officer added.

Gardner said the neighborhood of Park Avenue and Maple Street “has recently been inundated with heavy narcotics trafficking.”

Following his arraignment before District Judge Allen P. Page III on charges of possession with intent to deliver heroin as well as marijuana and related offenses, Davis was committed to the Lycoming County Prison in lieu of $95,000 bail.