20-year-old sentenced in assault, robbery

A 20-year-old Williamsport man, found guilty of the January 2018 robbery and assault of a neighbor in his own home, was sentenced to 5 1/2 to 14 years in state prison Thursday.

Marcquel J. Olsen, of 812 Wyoming St., was granted entrance into Lloyd Seagraves’ home, at 719 Wyoming St. “under the pretense of having problems with a car,” said city police Agent Trent Peacock in court documents.

Police allege Rashawn L. Logan, of 941 Penn St., was also with Olsen, however Logan has yet to be tried in the case. His pre-trial is scheduled for Dec. 10.

Once in the house, Seagraves turned his back on Olsen, who took the opportunity to hit the unsuspecting man over the head with a glass table, causing him to fall. Logan, now overtop of Seagraves, allegedly started punching him repeatedly.

A dog, owned by Seagraves’ roommate, heard the commotion and started barking as it ran down the steps.

The two men ran out the door. They were later tracked through the snow by officers to Logan’s home and arrested.

Olsen admitted his guilt, and waived his right to a trial.

“I’m truly sorry for what I did that night,” said Olsen at his sentencing. “I turned my life around. What I did before doesn’t apply to me now.”

The court learned of Olsen’s sympathy, good behavior since incarceration, and newly-obtained GED.

Prison officials said they believed Olsen had the character to turn his life around, said Judge Eric R. Linhardt, presiding.

However, Olsen’s action that night “disturbs me,” he said.

In a letter from the victim, read aloud by Linhardt, Seagraves said both Olsen and Logan should be charged with attempted homicide and “sentenced to 18 years for every staple in my head.”

As a result of the injuries, Seagraves said he cannot work, sleep and is in a state of constant elevation.

“It changed my lifestyle and turned everything upside down,” he said.

On top of the pins and needles Seagraves said he often feels, he said the thought of the men’s return haunts him.

In the end, after their prison sentence, Seagraves said he hopes they get married, have kids and live their lives.

“Any sentence less than one imposed would depreciate the severity of the crimes,” said Linhardt.

Though Olsen had a troubled childhood, he is now a man, said Linhardt

“You need to be punished,” he said. “What you do with the rest of your life is your choice — it’s up to you.”


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