DUI checkpoint leads to arrests

Area law enforcement officers trying to stop drivers who were intoxicated this weekend checked 575 vehicles that passed through check points, officials said.

Over the past weekend, the Lycoming County DUI Enforcement Team conducted a DUI Checkpoint in the area, said Old Lycoming Township Police Chief Joseph Hope, team coordinator.

About 575 vehicles passed through the checkpoint with 10 drivers being detained for standard field sobriety testing, he said.

Five of those drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. Two were under the influence of alcohol and three under the influence of drugs, Hope said.

Three other drivers were just under the legal limit and they found alternate means transportation home, he said.

One of the individuals arrested came through the checkpoint with damage to his vehicle, and it was determined he struck something prior to his arrest, in the city limits, Hope said.

One driver was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant, he said.

There were a total of 11-traffic citations issued, and 24 written warnings, Hope said.

Three misdemeanor arrests were made for controlled substance, drugs and drug paraphernalia, he said.


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