Plea deals among matters handled by 2 district judges

JERSEY SHORE — In a plea agreement before District Judge Jerry Lepley, Nathan Harman, 28, of 1312 1/2 Allegheny St., pled guilty to a summary charge of criminal trespassing after the Tiadaghton Valley Regional police withdrew charges of terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment.

The charges stemmed from an incident with victim Christopher Johnson on Allegheny Street on Sept. 30.

Harman has made arrangements to pay a $150 fine plus court costs.

In another case before Lepley, Tiadaghton Valley Regional police dropped charges of shoplifting and receiving stolen property against Andrew Sauers, 32, of 413 Allegheny St. after he agreed to pay restitution to the victim, the Minit Mart at 815 Allegheny St.

The charges stemmed from Sauers allegedly stealing $16 worth of merchandise from the business on July 1, according to court records. Sauers also made arrangements to pay $185 in court costs.

All charges were dropped this week against Colton Winchester, 22, of 124 E. Highland St., Avis, after the alleged victim in the case, Dakota Eichelberger, declined to testify in the case.

State police withdrew charges of recklessly endangering, simple assault and harassment that stemmed from an incident at 104 School House Lane near English Center on Aug. 6.

In another case, Gary McGinness, 53, of Lock Haven, pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of making unsworn falsification to law enforcement in exchange for police dropping a felony firearms charge.

He was charged for putting down false information on a form when he attempted to buy a firearm at National Sporting Goods, 1241 Allegheny St., on June 7.

He was given credit for time served and was released Sept. 25 from the Lycoming County Prison after be held there 12 days in default of bail.

In another plea agreement, this one before District Judge Christian Frey in Williamsport, Bernard Buxton, 67, of Williamsport, pled guilty to a summary harassment charge after Williamsport police withdrew a charge of simple assault.

The charges stemmed from Buxton punching a woman in the face in the 2500 block of Grand Street in the city on Sept. 24. Buxton made arrangements to pay $361 in fines and court costs.

In another criminal case before Frey, Lamar Strothers, 40, of 47 Washington Blvd., was arraigned on charges of strangulation and simple assault after allegedly attacking a woman during a disturbance at his home on Saturday. He was jailed in lieu of $35,000 bail.

These charges were filed a little more than two weeks after city police dropped charges of terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness against Strothers.

The terroristic threat-related charges stemmed from an incident on Washington Boulevard when he allegedly threatened two women with a gun on Aug. 31.


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