Wellsboro School Board president under fire

WELLSBORO – John Grab, the husband of Wellsboro Area Middle School girl’s basketball coach Mary Grab, gave the board an earful during its meeting Tuesday.

According to Grab, his wife received an email from a fellow girl’s basketball coach in another school district telling her that he had heard that the president of the school board, Craig West, was going to “make sure she got fired,” because he “doesn’t like the way she coaches.”

The email sender said he “didn’t hear it himself, but rather heard it from someone from Coudersport.”

“I don’t feel this is an ethical way for the school board president to act,” the email continued.

“I would like to know something like this rather than being blindsided.”

When Grab confronted West about the accusation, West denied remembering saying “anything like that.”

“I’ll bet you don’t,” Grab shot back.

“Craig, you have undermined her for the last two years and it has to stop. You are totally without ethics. You are a very small person in my eyes, very small,” Grab said, before walking out.

Following the meeting, West said he “doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like me,” referring to Grab, but there had been no conspiracy to have her fired.

“It was totally the wrong place for that,” fellow board member Chris Neal said about Grab’s accusation.

In other business, the board voted unanimously to hire Matt Hildebrand, former track coach at the high school, to be head coach following the resignation of Steve Boyce at the end of the 2012 season.

Superintendent Chris Morral announced that EHL Consulting Group Inc. will present a report on the district’s pre-campaign assessment for a new sports stadium at the board’s Feb. 12 meeting, “and we will introduce the Wellsboro Area Education Foundation.”

A new dual enrollment with Mansfield University also was announced.