Richmond Township voting place switched to Mansfield Fire Hall

WELLSBORO – Beginning with the May primary election, Richmond Township voters will vote at the Mansfield Fire Hall, at the request of the township board of elections.

According to Tioga County Commissioner Erick Coolidge, the reason for the change is the availability of handicap-accessible parking and more space.

“It is the same location as Mansfield Borough votes in, but they will be separated,” Coolidge said.

Other reasons include safety issues and taking stress off the township to hold elections in an inadequate space, he added.

Mansfield Borough is within Richmond Township.

“We do the same thing in Knoxville Borough and Deerfield Township,” he added.

Commissioners also approved emergency installation of a fire alarm system at the courthouse by Simplex Grinnell for $59,870.

“During a regular inspection, we found a board had burned out and it wasn’t working,” said Chief Clerk Derek Williams. “We’ve had an issue with the system for a long time because the old system did not match. When we found out we could no longer get parts for the older system, it made it easy for us to make that decision.”

Coolidge said a fire alarm is necessary in a public building.

“You can’t have a public building open without a fire alarm system. It is now all one system connecting all buildings, which was an issue we felt was important to address,” Coolidge said.

In an unrelated matter, commissioners agreed to accept proposals and table for further review funding through the Human Services Block Grant, formerly Human Services Development Fund. The proposals will be presented to the Human Services advisory board during a public hearing at noon April 10 at the Tokishi Building.

Those submitting proposals will have time to discuss them.

The proposals will be voted on at the commissioner’s next meeting at 7 p.m. April 23 at the Nelson Township Community Center.

Commissioners also:

* Agreed to advertise for bids to mow the three county dams – Kelsey Creek, Eberle and Griffin.

* Approved $110,995 for county aid to be paid from its liquid fuels account with the deadline for municipalities to apply June 30. Disbursements will be made by Nov. 1.

* Approved an agreement with Simplex Grinnell for fire alarm parts at St. James Complex in Mansfield for $3,240.

* Approved a contract with Maximus, of Harrisburg, to calculate, based on square footage, an indirect costs analysis for the county’s reimbursement of 66 percent for probation and domestic relations for $18,400 for three years.

* Approved a SAVIN maintenance and service agreement between the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the state District Attorney’s Institute and the county for a year for $1,149.

* Approved a Local Economic Revitalization Tax Abatement for Mansfield Professional Development LLC for its professional business building in Richmond Township.

* Approved a contract with AJH, of Wellsboro, for architectural design for an addition to create a secure meeting area for families and staff at Family Services for $3,500, covered by Act 13 monies.