Wellsboro hikes taxes, balances budget

WELLSBORO – The Wellsboro Area School Board approved a final budget for next year that will increase the real estate millage by 1.46 in Tioga County. Under such a millage, homeowners with an assessed property value of $100,000 should expect to pay an additional $146 per year in real estate taxes.

All board members voted in favor of the budget except Glenn Poirier, who was absent.

Projected expenditure for the 2013-14 school year is $23,173,506. Projected revenue is $23,137,404, according to the final general fund budget. The board eliminated the $36,102 deficit by transferring $18,051 from the general fund committed reserves for future retirement expenses and $18,051 from the general fund committed reserves for future health insurance expenses, according to Linda Gamble, board secretary.

“Those two funds are set up with balances in them that were used to make up the deficit,” Gamble said.

No new student fees were imposed, according to Gamble. No positions were eliminated and an additional kindergarten teacher was hired to meet enrollment demand, Gamble said.

“It’s just a roller coaster budget season and overall we came out of it with minimal impacts on personnel and programs,” Superintendent Christopher Morral said.