Funding given to 28 projects that prevent pollution

Twenty-five county conservation districts recently received funding to promote water pollution prevention strategies across Pennsylvania.

The Clinton County Conservation District received $2,800 for two projects to design and install six interpretative panels at the Interstate 80 east- and westbound rest stop areas and to establish a demonstration plot with cover crops that showcases the importance of soil health.

“Environmental education is a critical component of the Clinton County Conservation District’s activities,” said Mary Ann Bower, district manager. “We recognize the importance of education at all age levels and these funds will help us to educate and hopefully inspire action in our community. We are excited about these upcoming projects and are grateful for the support for our work in preventing nonpoint source pollution for the residents of Clinton County.”

The conservation district intends to design and install six interpretative educational panels that will detail Clinton County’s natural resources, help residents determine which watershed they live in and provide examples of conservation-wise backyard and farm practices that can easily be implemented at home.

The panels will provide information the rich history of natural resource extraction and subsequent nonpoint source pollution that followed in the county. The panels will be installed at the rest stops.

The soil health and early establishment cover crops demonstration will allow farmers and residents to learn how no-till, cover crops and soil health can reduce or even prevent erosion and nutrient runoff and leaching that ultimately leads to nonpoint source pollution sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorous pollution problems in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

A public field day will be held to showcase the results.