Deeds filed in county courthouse

The following real estate deed transactions, listed by community, have been filed in the Lycoming County Courthouse:


Edward and Judith L. Lyon to Herdicville Properties LLC and Ter-Cal Holdings LLC, $400,000, 912 W. Fourth St.

Vonada S. Ranck, executor, to Cheryl L. Tompkins, $57,900, 428 Sheridan St.

Rose Youves to Brenda Everett, $146,000, 117 Eldred St.

Jon and Mallory D. Markloff to Candis A. Crawley, $70,000, 667 Wildwood Blvd.

Theodore E. and Nancy R. Shelley to Richard D. and Terri L. Mutchler, $130,000, 743 W. Third St.

George S. and Jamie P. Hall to Dale G. and Ann B. Hess, $215,000, 2205 Mosser Ave.

Steven P. Welteroth to George W. and Hillary I. Lament, $210,000, 931 Hollywood Circle.

Charles E. and Donna J. Kahle to Joel A. Cook, $172,000, 1220 Cherry St.

Susquehanna Valley Development Group Inc. to Ter-Cal Holdings LLC, $130,000, 904 Nichols Place.

Brent M. and Daria P. Fish to Christopher H. and Caron A. Kenyon, $250,000, 1800 Campbell St.

Jeremy R. and Lynn C. Bull to JT Real Estate Holdings LLC, $105,000, 2331 Newberry St.

David W. and Margaret S. Hoffman to Wallace and Beverly S. Paulson, $62,000, 606 W. Edwin St.

South Williamsport

Marion L. Fischer to Bryan D. Mix, $58,500, 231 Curtin St.

Linda Wascher to Percy and Southern LLC, Steven H. Reigle, Douglas H. McCulloch and Richard D. Mutchler, $165,000, 407 W. Southern Ave.

Michael D. and Ashley R. Frei to Kathleen Winter, $90,000, 519 Hastings St.

Brock A. Francis and Olivia L. Fortin to Michael P. and Ashley R. Frei, $169,000, 428 Howard St.

Jeremy R. Welshans to JT Real Estate Holdings LLC, $100,000, 386 E. Fifth Ave.

Jersey Shore

William C. and Colleen M. Lewis to Grant T. Corbin and Valerie N. Hart, $212,350, 214 Kendall Ave.


Jeffrey S. and Patricia A. Moon to Joshua W. Pepperman, $100,000, 532 N. Washington St.


William E. and Shelly R. Harding to Patrick A. and Laura E. Rein, $83,000, 143 S. Broad St.

Lindsey M. Sershen to Diane M. Senseman, $54,000, 44 S. Second St.


Paul N. and Nancy L. Feaster to Buckeye Investments LLC, $50,000, 101 W. Houston Ave.

Clinton Township

Nicholas E. Holmes and Rhonda R. Rossi to Kenneth R. and Larissa M. Holmes, $170,000, 123 Woodling Lane.

Nathan C. and Jeri B. Jarrett to Buckeye Investments LLC, $45,000, 175 W. Houston Ave.

Todd A. and Anita E. Rorg to Richard S. and Selina M. Nesbit, $134,500, 754 McNett Road.

Robert K. Anderson and Douglas L. Ard, co-executors, to John M. and Janine M. Marquette, $190,000, 293 Heilman Circle.

Fairfield Township

George C. and Darla K. Nierle to Celia D. Van Campen, $115,000, 652 Lyons Barr Road.

Loyalsock Township

Patrick S. and Tammy R. Uhter to Jared A. and Holly Kania, $197,160, 1785 Richards Ave.

David J. Martz Jr. and Paul D. McBride to Lindsey D. and Curtis W. Ulmer, $115,500, 2215 Sheridan St.

Michael W. and Kimberly K. Holcomb to Jay A. Rauschkolb, $211,000, 432 Pearson Ave.

Patricia Crossley, executor, to D2A LLC, $39,000, 2665 Northway Road.

Jeffrey S. and Shannon M. Millay to Michael J. Rickard, $215,000, 1400 Lafayette Parkway.

Joanne G. and William H. Sneeder to Dylan H. and Margaret E. Jenkins, $242,500, 2225 Grampian Blvd.

Moreland Township

Eugene M. McAvoy to Jacob E. and Jennifer Fonseca, $238,000, 2140 Green Valley Road.

Muncy Creek Township

James D. Bartlow Sr. to Timothy S. and Joanne Feiock, $17,000, 448 Route 442.

Old Lycoming Township

Astrum Verto Properties LLC to Michael W. and Kimberly K. Holcomb, $245,000, 1619 Grimesville Road.

Ruth and Edward Bresnock to Elizabeth A. Getting-Mullens, $122,000, 86 Helminiak St.

Upper Fairfield Township

Richard J. Walsh Jr. and Dawn M. Walsh to James W. and Cathy B. O’Brien, $280,000, 1812 Route 87.