Man charged with growing marijuana

ELKLAND – Andrew C. Hurd, 47, of 442 Hurd Road, Westfield, was charged by state police with manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana after he allegedly told police men tried to steal his pot.

According to documents filed at District Judge Brian Edgcomb’s office, Hurd called police July 11 to report there had been a car crash and an assault near his residence.

When police arrived on the scene, Hurd allegedly told them a number of men were stealing his marijuana out of the back of his box truck, and when he got a pipe wrench to confront them he saw one had a shotgun, so he stayed inside and yelled “get the gun” attempting to scare them away.

The man with the shotgun fired a slug through the walls of Hurd’s residence as he and the other two men ran away.

Hurd said the men pulled pot plants from the back of his truck and were stripping them on the ground and covering the buds with dirt.

Hurd said he called his brother, Norman, who came to help him and encountered a Ford Bronco on the road with the men inside, and there was a crash and the men fled.

According to police, Hurd said he found a man along the road covered in blood who began to argue and fight, but he restrained the man and dropped him off in Knoxville.

Hurd then asked the officer what he was going to do, and the trooper said they would have to go back to the residence.

Once there, the trooper said he saw a greenhouse attached to the residence with two exhaust fans running and noticed potting soil and pot on the ground.

Hurd invited the trooper inside his residence to show him the shotgun damage, and the trooper said he noticed large containers of plant fertilizer, pruning shears, catalogs for hydroponic growing equipment and an overwhelming odor of pot.

Hurd referred to himself as a farmer and talked about the large amount of acreage he and his brother had amassed.

At that point, Hurd was arrested and transported to the barracks. Once inside the police vehicle, Hurd said the keys to his grow room were in an ATV in front of the trailer and the pot the men had attempted to steal was in the grow room.

Hurd previously was convicted of growing pot between 1999 and 2000, according to police.

He referred to himself as the “weed grower from hell,” police said.

He was jailed in lieu of $80,000 bail and his preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 5.