Potential development would require zoning change

PENNSDALE – Ashler Inc. is looking to develop the land near Ashler Manor. Representatives from Ashler presented their ideas to the planning commission at Wednesday’s informational meeting.

The corporation wants to build a structure on the property of Ashler Manor, along John Brady Drive. The building will provide about 12,000 square feet of office space.

The development also will require a change in the current zoning from suburban estate to suburban mix to fit into the necessary guidelines. The township was asked to submit a letter of support for the zoning map changes.

“The planning commission and township representatives are not required to take any action as of yet,” Paul Wentzler, township supervisor, said. “We will be looking at all aspects of the proposal over the next month and the necessary action steps will take place then.”

Ground breaking is scheduled to begin in November for the Longhorn Steakhouse.

“All the building and zoning permits are in and everything is going according to schedule,” according to township secretary Wendy Baxter. “They are good to go.”

“The fire department is busy with the haunted barn,” Fire Chief Corey Palmatier said. “Approximately 500 people came out to support the fire company last weekend.

“The gun show attendance was low, with only about 1,300 in attendance, and the new apparatus almost is ready for use,” he added.

The next township meeting is scheduled for Nov. 13.