Contracts worth $2.5 million awarded for new call center

WELLSBORO – Early last week, the Tioga County commissioners awarded contracts for the new 911 call center, as follows:

General construction – J.C. Orr and Son Inc., $1,654,980

Plumbing – Silvertip Inc., $64,000

HVAC – Schoonover Plumbing and Heating Inc., $349,500

Electrical – G.R. Noto Electrical Construction Inc., $473,000

Construction is expected to begin …

“We have been planning this for years,” Commissioner Erick Coolidge said.

The 911 call center, also known as the Department of Emergency Services facility, now is in the basement of the county courthouse at 118 Main St.

However, the basement is in a flood plain and is in danger of being damaged if or when the area becomes flooded.

The 911 center has room for four dispatcher consoles, and the basement is very crowded with the needed equipment, Commissioner Mark Hamilton said.

The new call center will be built on county property in Charleston Township that is not in danger of flooding.

“It will be at a more secure site,” Hamilton said.

It will be equipped with the most up-to-date technology, which can be updated in years to come.

“Long-term planning and investment will make easier changes in technology,” Coolidge said.

The new 911 call center will have seven dispatcher consoles. The calls primarily received are from Tioga and Potter counties. However, the call center does receive some emergency calls from Clinton, Bradford and Lycoming counties.

“Calls have gone up the past five years,” Hamilton said.

This brings on a greater need for there to be seven dispatcher consoles. Emergency calls that come in include fire, police, high water, he added.

The board also opened sealed bids for a pre-fabricated concrete equipment shelter to be situated at the new 911 complex. Bids from Tower Service Unlimited and Saber Industries were opened, but the board decided to review the bids and will make a decision at the next meeting.