Athens seeks donations to repair town clock

By Amanda RenkO

The (Towanda) Daily Review

ATHENS (AP)?- Athens Borough officials hope residents, businesses and community members will help contribute to the cost of repairing the town clock, which was damaged in the September 2011 flood.

The Teaoga Square clock is in disrepair after flood waters entered the its control box and damaged it, Mayor George Whyte said at a recent council meeting.

The borough ordered and installed new parts, but the clock cannot operate properly without the control box, he said.

Borough officials purchased and installed the clock in 2004 after a committee raised more than $13,000 for a town clock, Whyte said. The donations largely were collected from businesses, churches, fraternal organizations and other groups.

The borough hopes to raise part or all of the approximately $3,300 needed to repair all parts of the clock except for its housing, said borough Manager Mark Burgess.

Repairs would include the clock’s face, numbers, Plexiglas front, motors and control unit, Burgess said.

The clock also would receive a couple of upgrades – LED lighting and installation of a global positioning system that will adjust the clock for daylight savings time.

Borough officials said they would like to see the clock working as soon as possible – perhaps even by this summer.

Donations may be mailed to the borough hall at 2 S. River St., Athens, PA 18810, or dropped off there, council members said.