PennDOT schedules work on area roads

Roadwork is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


Crack sealing along Route 118 and Route 42 in Franklin Township and along Route 44 in Nippenose Township Monday through Friday.

Guiderail repair along Route 15 in Williamsport Monday, along Route 15 in Lewis Township Tuesday and along Route 180 in Fairfield Township Wednesday.

Litter pickup along Route 220 in Woodward and Porter townships and along Route 15 in Lewis Township Monday through Friday.

Street sweeping in various locations in the Muncy and Montgomery area Monday through Friday.

Embankment work along Route 4006 on Lick Run Road in Pine Township Monday through Friday.

Patching along Route 973 in Watson Township Monday through Friday.

Bridge work along Route 2077 on Beaver Run Road in Franklin Township Monday through Friday.

Overhead lighting work along Route 180 in Fairfield Township Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cleaning drainage pipes along Route 87 in Upper Fairfield Township Tuesday through Friday.


None scheduled


Guiderail repair along Route 1017 on Camptown and Herrickville roads.

Drainage work along Route 4013 on the Berwick Turnpike and along Route 14 in the Fassett area.

Crack sealing along Route 2027 on South Main Street and along Route 1010 on C.C. Allis Road.

Bridge repair along Route 1053 on Sugar Cabin Road.

Patching along Route 3021 on Windfall Road.

Pipe replacement along Route 154.

Patch pavement along Route 1069 on Elmira Street.

Bridge work along various routes county-wide.

Shoulder cutting along Route 14 in the Troy/Canton area.

Sign installation at various locations county-wide.


Crack sealing along Route 1014 on Hunsinger Road in Cherry Township Monday through Friday.

Flushing and cleaning bridges along various routes county-wide Monday through Friday.

Replacing pipes along Route 2001 on Beaver Lake Road in Davidson Township Monday through Friday.

Repairing and replacing signs at various locations countywide Monday through Friday.


Litter pick-up along Route 80 on Z.H. Confair Memorial Highway in East Chillisquaque and Turbot townships, along Route 147 in West Chillisquaque and Turbot townships and along Route 180 in Turbot and Delaware townships Monday through Friday.


Guiderail work along Interstate 80 in White Deer Township Monday through Thursday and along Route 3002 on Weikert Road in Hartley Township Friday.

Brushing along Route 1006 on Pleasant View Road in White Deer Township Wednesday through Friday and along Route 3014 on Tower Road in Limestone Township Monday and Tuesday.

Ditching along Route 1005 on Twin Churches Road in Kelly and White Deer townships Monday through Friday.

U-drain work along Route 3016 on Ridge Road in Limestone Township Monday through Friday.

Sign work at various locations countywide Monday through Friday.