Township continues meeting to finalize sewer agreement

MANSFIELD – The Canoe Camp Village’s application for approval of a sewer module by the Richmond Township supervisors will have to wait a bit longer.

There need to be a few tweaks to the agreement between the Trask family, who is requesting the approval for its proposed housing development on property near Wal-Mart, and the township in order for the sewer module to gain final approval.

Township solicitor Jeff Loomis said there was “nothing major” that needed to be changed.

“I have to always assume the worst case scenario,” Loomis said.

Township engineer Scott Bray has approved the project’s Act 537 plan, which must be submitted to the state Department of Environmental Protection, according to Ed Trask.

Trask wanted to know if the township approval had to be sent along with the Act 537 plan.

“If we could get that going and send the other part a month later it would help move things along, because their clock starts ticking when they get the first one,” he said.

Supervisors agreed to authorize Loomis to make changes to the agreement in conjunction with Trask’s attorney Dan Mathers, of Williamsport.

The meeting will be continued to at 5 p.m. June 17 for a vote on the module.

Trask also told township supervisors that a group of stakeholders with homes and businesses along the Old Route 15 corridor had been meeting monthly for about six months to discuss what is necessary to stop flooding along the route whenever there is heavy rain.

“Flooding is a considerable concern along Route 15. There’s been an ongoing task force to try to understand the issues. Today we looked at the huge scope of work necessary to have better flood protection from the Tioga headwaters to Mansfield. It could take five to 10 years but at least we got it started. There is a lot of property damage there every year,” Trask said.

Residents and business owners from Hamilton, Blossburg, Putman, Covington and Richmond townships are involved so far, with interest shown by Mansfield and support from the county.

Trask said the group plans to apply for a $70,000 matching grant for an engineering study, with 85 percent from the state and 15 percent raised locally.

In other business, township Supervisor Chuck Neal and planning commission member David Flesch were appointed as township representatives to sit on the board of the newly formed Tioga River Regional water authority.

Supervisors also:

Heard a request from Paul Bailey to approach the state Department of Transportation about extending the third lane turning lane along Route 15 from Wal-Mart to the bypass.

Heard that there are ongoing problems with Westgate road and Pitts Road that need attention.