County real estate transactions filed

The following deeds have been registered in the Lycoming County courthouse:

Cascade Township

Jody Warnasch and James and Robin Hakes to James Freezer, $210,000, 1845 Kelly Road, 13.88 acres.

Clinton Township

John Garrison and Kristin Garrison to Mark and Sharon Byers, $120,000, 565 Cemetery Hill Road, 1.25 acres.

Cogan House Township

Manfred and Dorrit Schmidt to Zachary Strawn, $160,900, Route 284, 5 acres.

Thomas J. Sellinger to Victoria K. Neufer, $85,000, 12506 Route 287, 1 acre.

Kenneth W. Crooks to Pennmarc Resources LP, $1, Route 184 Rear, 64.54 acres.


Tina M. Paternostro to Shawn Millard and Heather M. Reed, $134,900, 2871 Cochran Ave., 0.28 acres.

Dennis and Linda Foote to Andrea L. Leo, $74,900, 255 Arlington St., 0.05 acres.

Debra J. Sechrist to Stephen and Alma Hunter, $105,000, 315 Valley St., 0.23 acres.

Fairfield Township

Ruth M. Bomboy to Jeno J. Primerano, $161,500, 466 Faifield Church Road, 1.03 acres.

Franklin Township

Randall and Rebecca Bunce to Kyle and Melissa Bunce, $1, Moreland Baptist Road, 3.96 acres.

Michael Balthaser and Debra Balthaser to Randall and Rebecca Bunce, $1, Moreland Baptist Road, 7.6 acres.

Harold and Imogene Swisher to Steven and Kim Naylor, $18,500, Moreland Baptist Road, 4.17 acres.

Gamble Township

Robert and Pamela Wolf to Braden Yost, $84,000, Drifty Lane, 5.04 acres.

Hepburn Township

Minas and Haritomeni Hiras to John M. Hiras, $1, 428 Old Route 15 Road, 0.34 acres.


Philip and Jane Hippensteel to Amy and Matthew McGovern, $1, 599 E. Academy St., 0.24 acres.

Kenneth C. Lyons, Jr. to Dustin and Kristin Shoemaker, $135,000, 43 N. Second St., 0.2 acres.

Jersey Shore

Betty J. Manier to Sandra J. Leibowitz, $1, 302 Oak St., 0.2 acres.

Jordan Township

Wesley and Judy Klock to Bonnie L. Bittler and Michael D. Snyder, $52,000, 642 Hall Road, 0.7 acres.

Limestone Township

Adam and Adrienne Steppe to Barry Mason, $139,900, 253 Wells Road, 1.26 acres.

Loyalsock Township

John and Suzanne Calce to Brenda and John Bower Jr., $550,000, 1298 Windfield Drive, 3.2 acres.

Paul and Julie Santos to Nathan and Christina Jackson, $53,000, 1809 Ginny Lane, 0.69 acres.

Louise R. Clarke to William and Pamela Reifsnyder, $135,600, 1410 Elwood Road, 0.17 acres.

Janet and Donald Hessert II to Levi and Chelsea Burkholder, $275,000, 1104 Avalon Parkway, 0.43 acres.

Brian and Mindy Day to Peter and Erin Ruhl, $209,000, 1421 Shiffler Ave., 0.14 acres.

Charles N. Reamer to Cynthia J. Ott, $1, 1636 Marlin Parkway, 0.13 acres.

Connie A. Spittler to Paul and Dianne Larson, $125,000, 2036 Cummins St., 0.44 acres.

Nicholas J. Bohacz to Christian M. Rankey, $154,900, 1214 Shiffler Ave., 0.1 acres.

Louis Miele to Louis and Nicole Miele, $1, 1209 Wheatfield Drive, 1.49 acres.

Lycoming Township

Yvonne Soules and Michael Kohler to Wyrope Williamsport Federal Credit Union, $1, 313 Koch Horne Lane, 0.7 acres.

John J. Gigunito to Harold and Marichelle Derr, $45,000, Hazel Drive, 7.81 acres.

McHenry Township

Gordon and Sharon McWhorter to James and Lori Maguire, $265,000, 379 Okome Road, 5.5 acres.

William Dochter, Kathleen Dochter and Robert and Sandra Dochter to William Dochter, $1, 405 Tower Road, 109 acres.


Ronald and Susan Smith to Amos and Annie Yoder, $72,000, 157 Montgomery St., 0.17 acres.

Timothy and Kathy Miller to Michael D. Zarr, $147,000, 96 E. Houston Ave., 0.19 acres.

The Bank of New York Mellon to James and Gail Bishop, $52,000, 46 N. Main St., 0.12 acres.

Marcus and Rebecca Berger to Timothy and Kathy Miller, $225,000, 63 Penn St., 0.18 acres.


Maxine A. Everett to Roger and Tara Crebs, $195,250, 716 Broad St., 0.4 acres.

Scott and Amy Rosenbaum to Adam and Jordan Tillema, $165,000, 510 N. Arch St., 0.23 acres.

Muncy Borough

Gene E. Walburn to Muncy Bank & Trust Co., $250,000, 5 North Market St., 0.2 acres; West Water Street, 0.21 acres; West Water Street, 0.11 acres; McCarty Alley, 0.12 acres.

Muncy Creek Township

Michael and Betty Hill to Richard and Kimberly Lower, $410,000, 70 Musser Lane, 0.5 acres.

Old Lycoming Township

Robert and Peggy Anne Mahaffey to Nathan M. Barger, $24,956, 64 Grimesville Road, 0.86 acres.

Jason L. Bilbay and Alicia A. Bilbay to Joel and Hilary Busbee, $180,000, 29 Woodbryn Drive, 0.3 acres.

Robert and Peggy Mahaffey to Corey Hall, $105,000, 64 Grimesville Road, 0.86 acres.

Piatt Township

Ricky and Donna Rae Campbell to Clinton Fought, $59,900, Shingle Hollow Road, 10 acres.

Picture Rocks

Chad and Tierany Kamerer to Chad Kamerer, $1, 287 S. Main St., 0.3 acres.

Pine Township

Richard and Darlene Hofmeister to Richard Hofmeister, $1, 490 Frenchman Ridge, 11.15 acres.

Fisher Mining Co. to Pennsylvania Game Commission, $1, T-0776, Rear, 55 acres.

Porter Township

Larry and Sally Eyer to Michael C. Messersmith and Kathy J. Carson, $89,000, 505 Marion St., 0.28 acres.

Keith, Richard and Kenneth Buttorff to Brire Real Estate LLC, $25,000, 415 Spruce St., 1.35 acres.

Lester and Joan Entz to Carrie and Lester Entz Jr., $1, 427 Baer St., 0.39 acres.

South Williamsport

David and S. Kathleen Varner to Joshua and Jessica Segraves, $199,900, 507 Kane St., 0.38 acres.

Christine and Joseph Pulizzi III to Christine and Joseph Pulizzi III, $1.00, 311 Bastian Ave., 0.32 acres.

Charline Pulizzi to Charline Pulizzi, $1, 823 Main St., 1.07 acres.

James E. Frank Jr. to Matthew R. Frank, $112,000, 323 E. Seventh Ave., 0.16 acres.

Kraig and Jackie May to Michelle and Richard Yaggie Jr., $1, E. First Ave., 3.96 acres.

Steven and Vicki Cowher to Joseph and Carol Livorno, $67,000, 2028 Riverside Drive, 0.09 acres.

Susquehanna Township

Kim M. Gray to Kim M. Gray, $1, 376 Giles Lane, 10.01 acres.

Timothy Lorson to Cody and Amber Morningstar, $119,505, 1398 Route 654, 1.17 acres.

Upper Fairfield Township

Wayne Sechrist and Carla Sechrist to Wayne Sechrist, $1, 1966 Biddle Road, 4.07 acres.

Washington Township

David and Mary Stoltzfus to Jonas and Drusilla Miller, $1, 135 Spring Creek Road, 16.18 acres.

Watson Township

Herman and Beth Serafini to Herman Serafini, $1, 226 W. Side Road, 1.39 acres.

Woodward Township

Susan and Mark Metzger to Luke and Loren Perry, $90,000, 3743 Grimesville Road, 1.39 acres.


Scott and Andrea Snyder to Scott Snyder, $1, 754 Hawthorne Ave., 0.16 acres.

Margaret M. Jagella and Jamie A. Sauers to the Williamsport Hospital, $87,900, 735 High St., 0.06 acres.

DR Well Site Rentals LLC to Gene Schurer, $65,000, 510 E. Third St., 0.22 acres.

Rebecca J. Vail to Janice Kuzio, $54,500, 705 Sheridan St., 0.1 acres.

Gerald and Deborah Hanslovan to James and Holly Springman, $25,000, 212 Lumber St., 0.02 acres.

Todd and Thao Teneyck to Faryal Afzal and Zeshan Anwar, $307,000, 1802 Campbell St., 0.58 acres.

Norma and Charles Hanford Sr. to Christian and Michele Frey, $90,000, 913 Wayne Ave., 0.05 acres.

Michael and Corey Shehl to Cartus Financial Corp., $163,500, 1318 Locust St., 0.17 acres.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Georgia and Jerome Potts, $163,500, 1318 Locust St., 0.17 acres.

Raymond and Judy Hauser to Carl Romano III, $17,000, 2128 Central Ave., 0.17 acres.

Thomas G. Knight Jr. and Nicole P. Knight to Thomas G. Knight Jr., $1, 365 Union Ave., 0.15 acres.

Freedom Rental Properties LLC and Donna L. Hauke to Freedom Rental Properties, $1, 854/856 Memorial Ave., 0.15 acres.

Anthony and Anna Rader to John E. Tagge, $151,000, 1200 Cherry St., 0.16 acres.

Polly Anne and Allan Muthler and Reca Fowler to John Fowler III, $1, 818/822 Penn St., 0.1 acres.

Williamsport Parking Authority to Lycoming College, $145,000, Mulberry Street, 0.26 acres.

William and Sarmite Judson to Williamsport College Housing Co., $202,000, 904 W. Fourth St., 0.42 acres.