DA says officer who shot suspect justified in his actions

SUNBURY – The District Attorney’s office in Northumberland County ruled that a Sunbury police officer who shot a suspect in an aggravated assault was acting in self defense.

Acting Chief Brad Hare made contact on July 8 with Erick Trometter, who was accused of assaulting a 67-year-old Sunbury woman.

According to witness accounts, Trometter refused to comply with Hare’s request of a pat-down and then pulled a large filet knife on the officer. Hare directed Trometter to drop the weapon and he refused. Hare deployed a Taser on Trometter, but it had no affect and the suspect continued his approach of the officer.

The officer warned Trometter that if he did not drop the knife, he would have to use his gun. Trometter reportedly told Hare, “I don’t care, I am not going back to jail,” and continued his aggressive approach.

Hare then shot Trometter in the leg and a request for EMS for Trometter was made.

“It is evident that the officer was justified in his actions, particularly in the light of the circumstances as described by the witnesses,” District Attorney Ann Targonski said in a press release.

No decisions on criminal charges against Trometter have yet been made.