Lycoming County real estate transactions

The following deeds have been registered in the Lycoming County courthouse:


Williamsport Hospital to Billtown Development LLC, $115,000, 2134 W. Fourth St.

North American Islamic Trust Inc. to Williamsport Hospital, $12,000, 751 and 753 Park Ave; $18,000, 636 and 638 Campbell St.

Gladys Hause Living Trust to Jesse Taylor, $75,000, 1048 High St.

Melina M. Golden to Floyd J. and Della J. Potrzebowski, $81,500 2408 Prospect Lane.

Sandra L. Rose to Affordable Housing Units LLC, $43,000, 620 Rose St.

Jeffrey A. and Carmalene C. Churba to LJ Realty and Development LLC, $62,000, 1131 Almond St.

Triad Enterprises and Development LLC to LJ Realty and Development LLC, $118,000, 1121 Washington Blvd.

Dennis G. and Dawn M. Myers to Arthur Meixel, $120,000, 702 Funston Ave.

Joseph W. Amirkhas Trust to William Sai Realty LLC, $635,000, 653 Washington Blvd.

Jason A. Tempesco to Nathan J. Kulp, $89,000, 1201 Hepburn St.

David J. and Theresa M. Sleeman to Lynne M. Doebler, $106,000, 686 and 688 Sixth Ave.

South Williamsport

David B. Smith to Alexus M. Stewart and Matthew R. Godfrey, $92,500, 534 Fairmont Ave., 0.14 acres.

Mark and Gina Stoetzel to Matthew and Melissa Steslow, $163,500, 425 Winthrop St., 0.19 acres.

Robert M. Kibbe Jr. to Robert H. Gottschall, $85,500, 375 Allen Ave., 0.31 acres.

Loyalsock Township

Turbotville Development Corporation to KNS Apartments LP, $135,000, 1802 Loyalsock Drive.

John R. and Cynthia A. Nester to Ronald E. and Teresa A. Houck, $122,000, 992 Vallamont Drive.

Michael E. and Kristin L. Bastian to Danielle L. and Jeremy R. Behrens, $385,500, 2123 Stopper Drive.


Laurie A. Knyrim to Charles R. Koch Jr., $135,000, 15 N. Broad St.


Daniel C. and Juliane L. Mendonca to Nathan A. Weaver and Hseuhmei Chang-Weaver, $163,000, 307 Cypress St.

Jersey Shore

Morgan Sweely to Bradley Bower, $112,000, 232 Spruce St.

Ronald J. Jr. and Denis M. Enders to Robert B. Boob Jr. and Lisa L. Urbine, $100,000, 301 Allegheny St.


Ruth B. and Thomas F. Reuther to Abigail R. Bosler, $86,500, 237 West Penn St.

Gamble Township

Robert A. Maguire to Alaine Schefsky, $56,000, on Lake Road.

Cogan House Township

David and Alice French to Alice French, $1, 12291 Route 287, 1.38 acres.

Floyd J. and Della J. Potrzebowski to Thomas F. Whitteaker, $162,000, 1724 Steam Valley Road.

Lewis Township

George A. Hutchinson to Hinaman Heights Properties, $1, Hutchinson Road, 1.47 acres.

Old Lycoming Township

Saratoga Partners, L.P. to Dawn M. Sweeley, $169,900, 2392 Roosevelt Ave., 0.33 acres.

D & S Holdings LLC to Douglas A. Baxter, $117,000, 2310 Lycoming Creek Road, 0.58 acres.

George A. Hutchinson to Hinaman Heights Properties, $1, 1754 Doris Ave., 0.35 acres; 1752 Hinaman Heights, 0.3 acres; 1750 Hinaman Heights, 1.65 acres.

Brian L. and Susan M. Soars to William R. and Deanna M. Luxenberger, $105,000, 59 Wagner Road.

Washington Township

Clair E. Wise to Donald and Carol Voneida, $150,000, 1246 Petersburg Road, 27.7 acres.

Nippenose Township

Edward L. Johnson to Jared A. Mahosky and Kayla J. Buttorff, $80,000, lot on Route 44.

Fairfield Township

Timothy T. and Jennifer Freund to Joshua S. and Valerie A. Trego, $285,000, 130 Arlyne Ave.

Porter Township

Kimberly Mertes and Joan M. Davis to Vernon E. and Paula S. Willits, $75,480, 5 E. Plymouth Ave.

Watson Township

John W. Jr. and Glenda W. Wilkinson to Corey L. Miller, $152,000, 140 Frog Hollow Road.

Cummings Township

William R. and Dolores R. Butcher to James R. and Laura L. Schwenk, $99,000, 469 Walker Trail.

Shrewsbury Township

Bruce and Joan Laughlin to Alan R. and Nicole Dincher Landon, $100,000, 393 Van Horn Road.

Wolf Township

Carlton H. Decker to Salvatore A. Jr. and Song Ui Minella, $52,000, 180 Kahler Hills Drive.