Open house at sale barn nears

TROY (AP) – Borough Councilman Jim Warn recently announced that the Troy Historical Society’s open house at the Troy Sale Barn will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday.

“Sounds like quite an event coming up,” he said. “The historical society has been working hard while cleaning up the sale barn and making it presentable for this event.

According to historical society member Bill Brasington, the sale barn was built around 1920 by the Troy-Canton Holstein Association. The association was a group of 20 farmers who pooled their money together to buy three expensive breeding bulls, which sired offspring that broke records for milking.

For many years, the barn has been dormant, but its recent cleaning has given it a new appearance, Warn said.

An invitation Warn had on hand stated, “There have been rumors around town that the sale barn will not truly represent the history of farming in the area.

“After being restored, there will be many farm-related programs held at the building. The historical society has discussed having annual hay sales; a farmers’ market and possibly a small animal sale,” the invitation read. “We also plan to revive old-time square dances, an important part of entertainment for earlier farm families. Troy and Canton FFA (members), who have been helping to get the barn ready for the open house, will hold their meetings there.”

The historical society also has invited to the open house farmers who had done business with the sale barn. At 1 p.m., a photo is planned of the farmers on hand, and the society will recognize the oldest one in attendance, Warn said.

“We have been able to interview quite a few of these farmers and their stories and pictures will be hung in the sale barn for future generations to see,” he read from the invitation.

Borough council President Krystle Bristol said “the historical society deserves a lot of credit. They’ve done a lot of work to get this sale barn back in order, and it’s going to be a long road, but they have really proven their commitment over the last year to this building and to this project.”

She also said the lease for the sale barn has been signed. It’s starting on a month-to-month basis, and then once it reaches certain pre-determined milestones, it will go to a year-to-year agreement.

Brasington said the sale barn changed the economic history for western Bradford County, he said, and just as easily could have been built in Canton.

The historical society is in charge of the project to restore the sale barn.

Currently, fundraising for the renovations is taking place.