PennDOT schedules road work

Road work is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


• Flood repairs along Route 1005 on Proctor and Hoppestown roads in Plunketts Creek Township, along Route 1006 on Kellyburg Road in Cascade Township, along Route 1004 on Southard Road in Gamble Township and along Route 2022 on Pleasant Valley Road in Lycoming Township.


• Drivers doing dry runs on all routes in the county.

• Deficiency repairs along all routes in the county.


• Winter preparation countywide.

• Bridge replacement, paving and guide rail work along Route 3021 on Windfall Road in Leroy Township.


• Flood repairs along various routes in Elkland and Fox townships.


• Crack sealing along Route 304 in Limestone Township, along Route 2002 on County Line Road in Union Township and along Route 2009 on Park Road in Union Township.

• Shoulder backup along Route 1010 on Sugar Valley Road in White Deer Township.

• Bridge replacement with detour along Route 2001 on Beaver Run Road in Buffalo Township.

• U-drain along Route 3012 on Wildwood Road in Limestone Township.