Resurfacing project in Muncy Borough begins this week

A $625,000 resurfacing project in Muncy Borough is scheduled to begin Tuesday, according to the state Department of Transportation.

Prime contractor Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., of State College, will mill and pave sections of routes 2044 and 2061 in the borough.

Work on East Penn Street will begin at the intersection of Route 2014 and extend to the structure over Glade Run. Work on New Street will begin at the intersection of South Main Street and extend to the intersection with Clarkstown Road.

Additional work includes new curb ramps at intersections and guide rail replacement on East Penn Street.

There will be single-lane conditions during daylight hours under flagging.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-October.

Road work scheduled on Pearl Street in Tioga County

Road work is scheduled to begin this week on two routes in Tioga County.

Work will be performed on Route 660 in Richmond Township from approximately 1 mile west of Route 2020 to the Route 15 Interchange; and on Route 3019 from the intersection with Route 660 in Wellsboro Borough to about 0.5 miles southwest of the intersection.

Work includes mill and paving, new curb ramps, guide rail upgrades, pavement markings and rumble strips.

There will be alternating lane closures under flagging during daylight hours during the project.

HRI Inc. is the prime contractor on the $1.3 million project.

Work is expected to be completed in late October.

CSVT update for upcoming week

Work is progressing on the northern section of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation project in Northumberland, Union and Snyder counties as follows:

Winfield Interchange:

• A long-term lane restriction is in place on Route 15 south of Winfield near County Line Road. A 13-foot width restriction is in place. The lane restrictions are needed to reconstruct sections of existing Route 15.

• Work on a temporary bridge over Route 15 is expected to begin this week.

• The contractor is installing erosion and sediment controls and performing earthwork and drainage work on both sides of Route 15.

Northumberland County:

• Beginning Tuesday, traffic on Route 147 will be reduced to a single lane under daylight flagging. This will continue for about two weeks while the contractor moves excavated material across the existing bridge over Chillisquaque Creek.

• Bridge, drainage, excavation and embankment work continues throughout the project limits.

River Bridge:

• Construction of the river bridge piers on the west side of the river continues. The bridge is about 30 percent complete.

Flood debris removal begins this week

A flood debris removal project on multiple bridges in Bradford County begins this week. The contractor will be working on the following bridges:

• Route 187 bridge over Parks Creek in Rome Township.

• Route 187 bridge over Wappasening creek in Windham Township.

• Two bridges on Route 1022 over Bullard Creek in Rome Township.

• Route 1049 over Tributary to Prince Hollow Run in Windham Township.

• Route 1056 over the Susquehanna River in Athens Township.

Traffic will be maintained by daylight flagging. All work is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 18.

Don E. Bower Inc. is the prime contractor on the $82,000 project.

Battle Creek Road in Bradford County opens

Flood repair work on Route 1055 between Arnold Road and North Orwell Road in Rome Township and Waterman Road in Windham Township has been completed. The road is open.

Water line work begins in Northumberland

This week, a utility company will perform water line work night and day on South Front Street between Orange and King streets in Northumberland Borough.

Work will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday, and take about three weeks to complete.

Parking will be restricted during this project. Mainline traffic is not expected to be impacted.

Paving planned in Sullivan County

On Tuesday a state Department of Transportation regional paving crew in Sullivan County will begin paving Route 4011 in Elkland and Forks townships.

The road will be closed during daylight hours. A detour will be in place using routes 4007, 4008, 154 and 87.

The project is expected to be completed by Sept. 15, weather permitting.

PennDOT removes weight restriction

PennDOT advises motorists in Bradford County that a weight restriction has been removed from a section of Route 1055 because of upgrades made by department forces.

The current 10-ton posting was removed on Battle Creek Road from the intersection with Route 1056 north to the New York state line in Windham Township.

Road work scheduled

Road work is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


• Shoulder cutting along Route 2019 on Moreland Baptist Road in Jordan and Franklin townships.

• Inlet repair and ditching along Route 2029 on Northway Road in Loyalsock and Eldred townships.

• Guide rail installation along Route 1005 on Barbours Road in Plunketts Creek Towship.

• Bridge work along Route 442 in Moreland Township and along Route 3021 on Memorial Avenue in Williamsport.

• Ditch cleaning along Route 973 in Quiggleville and along Route 2022 on Pleasant Valley Road in Eldred and Lycoming townships.

• Shoulder backup along Route 284 in Pine Township and along Route 3024 on Jobs Run Road in Anthony Township.

• Shoulder work along Route 654 in Limestone and Bastress townships and along Route 1006 on Kellyburg Road in Cascade Township.


• Manual patching along Route 414 in Morris Township, along Route 3008 on Broughton Hollow Road in Delmar Township and along Route 3009 on Antrim Road in Duncan Township.

• Bridge deck replacement along Route 1003 on Pickle Hill Road in Richmond Township.

• Install pipe along Route 1003 on Pickle Hill Road in Richmond Township.

• Base repairs along Route 1010 on Austinville Road in Sullivan Township.

• Mill and fill patching along Route 1018 on Warner Road in Jackson Township.

• Manual patching and base repairs along Route 2016 on Arnot Road in Charleston Township.

• Repair slide along Route 3001 on Elk Run Road in Gaines Township.

• Epoxy overlay on bridge deck along Route 3011 on Shumway Hill Road in Charleston Township.

• Ditching along Route 4017 on Holden Brook Road in Osceola Township.

• Paving along Route 4022 on Bliss Road in Nelson Township.

• Pipe replacement and patching along Route 4035 on Dartt Settlement Road in Charleston Township.


• Bridge replacement along Route 4019 on Iron Mine Road in Columbia Township.

• Debris removal and rock protection on bridges along Route 1055 on Battle Creek Road in Windham and Rome townships.

• Mow intersections along various routes in the Canton area.

• Mowing along various routes in the Towanda area.

• Patch approaches on bridge along Route 328 in Wells Township.

• Widening along Route 154 in Canton Township.

• Patch pavement along Route 1064 on Pine Street in Athens and along Route 199 on Keystone Avenue in Sayre.

• Flush pipes along Route 1038 on Warren Center Road, along Route 1059 on Irish Hill Road and along Route Coburn Hill Road in Warren Townhip.

• Base repairs and widening along Route 154 in Canton Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along Route 187 in Wilmot Township, along Route 2010 on Wyalusing and New Albany roads in Terry Township, along Route 2006 on Foote Road in Wilmot Township and along Route 1053 on Sugar Cabin Road in Warren Township.


• Drainage work along Route 154 in Fox Township.

• Bridge repair along Route 220 in Laporte Township.

• Paving along Route 4011 on Millview Mountain Road in Elkland Township.


• Rock lining along Route 44 in Lewis Township and along Route 1012 on Comley Road in Lewis Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along Route 1007 on Susquehanna Trail in Delaware Township, along route 8002 in Turbot Township and along Route 8003 in West Chillisquaque Township.

• Guide rail repair along various routes.

• Patching along Route 3010 in Jackson Township.

• Sign upgrade along Route 2020 on Mountain Road in Ralpho Township.

• Under drain along Route 4004 on Mile Post Road in Upper Augusta Township.

• Paint markings along Route 147 in West Chillisquaque Township.

• Bridge replacement along Route 4002 in Riverside.

• Pipe replacement along Route 2026 in Coal Township.


• U-drain installation along Route 3010 on Swengle Road in Lewis.

• Pipe replacement along Route 3003 on Grand Valley Road in West Buffalo.

• Guiderail along Route 2009 on Park Road in Union.

• Base repair along Route 3010 on Swengle Road in West Buffalo.