Update given on multi-phase project

Work is progressing on the northern section of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation project in the counties of Northumberland, Union and Snyder, as follows:

Winfield Interchange:

Route 15 southbound will be restricted to a single lane during daylight hours so the contractor can work on the abutment for the permanent bridge spanning the highway.

Traffic will be open to two lanes when the contractor is not working. These conditions will remain in place through the winter.

The contractor will haul fill over the temporary bridge spanning the highway.

Drainage work is ongoing.

There will be intermittent stoppages in both directions on Route 15 for blasting. Stoppages will last about five minutes for each blast.

Northumberland County:

The contractor will work on drainage, excavation and embankment work at various locations throughout the project.

Approach work will be performed at the new bridge over Chillisquaque Creek.

River Bridge:

Construction of Piers one through eight continues on the west side of the river. Piers four and five are completed.

Work continues on the abutment on the east side of the river.

Road work scheduled

Road work is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


• Crack sealing along Route 220 in Cherry Township.

• Brush cutting along Route 4008 in Elkland Township.


• Manual patching along Route 6 in Mansfield Borough.

• Reset pipe along routes 6 in Shippen Township and 4035 and 2018 in Charleston Township.

• Ditching along routes 249 in Westfield Township, 1007 in Sullivan and Rutland townships, 1020 and 1028 in Jackson Township, 2022 in Covington Township and 3004 in Shippen Township.

• Crack sealing along Route 660 in Charleston and Covington townships.

• Patch pipe trench along routes 1002 in Richmond Township and 2016 in Bloss Borough.

• Repair sink hole along Route 2005 in Mansfield Borough.

• Grading dirt road along routes 2011 in Liberty Township and 2012 and 2019 in Union Township.

• Clean inlets along Route 3007 in Delmar Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along routes 3013 and 3016 in Morris Township and 4017 in Osceola Township.

• Install and repair signs along various routes countywide.


• Under drain along Route 3020 in Hartley Township.

• Crack sealing along Route 1005 in Kelly and White Deer townships.


• Crack sealing along routes 2001 and 2002 in Wilmot Township and along various routes in the Allis Hollow area.

• Ditch cleaning along routes 220 in Monroe Township, 3032 in Troy Township and 4018 in Ridgebury Township.

• Rock lining along Route 154 in Canton Township.

• Bridge repair along Route 1022 in Rome Township.

• Channel clean, rock protection and pipe extension along Route 14 in South Creek Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along routes 1057 in Litchfield Township, 1029 in Wysox and Rome townships, 2024 in Towanda, Monroe and Asylum townships, 1056 in Litchfield Township, 2009 in Wilmot Township and 2010 in Terry Township.

• Sign installation and repair along various routes countywide.


• Brushing along Route 554 in Armstrong Township.

• Crack sealing along routes 2023 in Loyalsock and Hepburn townships, 2039 in Loyalsock and Eldred townships, 1017 in Hepburn Township and 1002 in Lewis Township.

• Ditch cleaning along Route 973 in Quiggleville.

• Inlet cleaning along Route 15 in Old Lycoming Township.

• Shoulder work along routes 1010 and 1009 in Jackson Township and 3005 in Porter and Watson townships.

• Shoulder repairs along Route 1011 in Jackson Township.


• RAR repair along various routes countywide.

• Crack sealing along routes 405 in Delaware and Milton boroughs, 3004 in West Cameron Township, 4004 and 4001 in Rush Township and 4005 in Snydertown Borough.

• Shoulder cutting along Route 4006 in Upper Augusta Township.

• Sign upgrade along Route 11 in Point Township.

• Belt loading along Route 125 in East Cameron Township.