Auction announces realized prices



Report for Jan. 1

No hay report

All animals sold per 100 pounds unless otherwise stated.

The market information in this report is collected through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Quality Systems Assessment’s Livestock Auction Market Reporting program under the supervision and oversight of USDA Livestock and Grain Market News.

Compared to last week’s sale, slaughter cows had no trend due to limited supply. Cattle supply included 15 steers and heifers, 18 slaughter cows and eight feeder cattle.

Slaughter Steers: No Market Test.

Slaughter Holstein Steers: Choice 2-3 1434 lbs 89.00.

Slaughter Heifers: No Market Test.

Slaughter Cows:

Breakers, 75-80 percent lean, average dressing, $51-54.

Boners, 80 to 85 percent lean, average dressing, $51-54; high dressing, $56-60.

Lean, 85 to 90 percent lean, average dressing, $49-53; high dressing, $58

Slaughter Bulls: No Market Test.

Feeder Cattle:

Steers: Medium and Large 2 600-700 lbs 95.00-95.00; 800-900 lbs 89.00-89.00.

Holstein Steers: No Market Test.

Heifers: Medium and Large 1 800-900 lbs 87.00-87.00.

Bulls: No Market Test.

Return to Farm Calves: Compared to last week’s sale, Holstein bull calves sold $10 to $20 higher.

Holstein Bull Calves: Number 1 94-126 lbs 110.00-155.00; 80-94 lbs 90.00-115.00. Number 2 94-126 lbs 82.00-110.00; 80-94 lbs 60.00-80.00. Number 3 80-110 lbs 37.00-55.00. Utility 70-116 lbs 20-40.

Holstein Heifer Calves: Number 1 86-120 lbs 115.00-132.50.

Beef Type: Bull 75-120 lbs 300.00-305.00.

Slaughter Hogs: All Prices per cwt.

Barrows and Gilts: No Market Test.

Roasters: No Market Test.

Sows: 500-700 lbs 38.00-44.00.

Boar: No Market Test.

Feeder Pig: sold per head unless otherwise noted. US 1-3 10-20 lbs 11.00-11.00; 20-40 lbs 19.00-25.00; 40-60 lbs 30-38.

Slaughter Sheep:

Ewes: Good 186 lbs 85.00.

Rams: 140-226 lbs 95-115.

Slaughter Goats: All goats are sold per head with estimated weights.

Nannies: Selection 1 80-130 lbs 160.

Billies: No Market Test.

Wethers: No Market Test.

Price and grade information is reported by QSA-USDA Market News Service. While market reports reflect the majority of livestock sold at each sale, there are instances where animals do not fit reporting categories and are not included in this report.

Source: USDA Market News, New Holland