PennDOT schedules road work

Road work is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


• Crack sealing along routes 2023 in Loyalsock and Hepburn townships, 3017 in Old Lycoming Township, 1009 in Jackson Township and 1008 in Cascade Township.

• Shoulder work along routes 1004 in Cascade Township and 1009 and 8013 in Jackson Township.


• Shoulder and bank work on Pine Mountain Road from the Love Run Bridge to Aughenbaugh Road and on Sugar Run Road from the Beech Creek/Bald Eagle township line to Laurel Run Road.


• Brush cutting along routes 42 in Shrewsbury Township and 4008 in Elkland Township.


• Guiderail and concrete barrier delineation along Route 15 in Richmond and Tioga townships.

• Brushing along routes 1011 in Rutland and Jackson townships, 4005 in Brookfield Township and 4039 in Charleston Township.

• Install and repair signs along various routes countywide.


• Crack sealing along routes 2004 in East Buffalo Township, 45 in Buffalo and East Buffalo townships and 2007 in East Buffalo Township.

• Mow trimming along routes 3003 and 3005 in Lewis and West Buffalo townships and 3002 in Hartley Township.

• Bank removal along Route 1002 in Kelly Township.


• Crack sealing along routes 2001 and 2002 in Wilmot Township, 4015 in Troy and West Burlington townships and 1036 in Orwell Township.

• Brush cutting along routes 2002 in Wilmot Township and 2015 in Terry and Albany townships.

• Clean rock outcrop along Route 14 in Canton Township.

• Ditch cleaning along Route 3003 in Canton Township, 1049 in Pike Township, 14 in South Creek Township and 1043 in Sheshequin Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along routes 4018 in Ridgebury Township, 2024 and 2028 in Asylum Township, 2007 in Wilmot and Terry townships and 2009 in Wilmot Township.

• Sign installation and repair along various routes countywide.


• RAR repair along various routes county wide.

• Crack sealing along routes 1031 in West Chillisquaque Township, 4005 and 4004 in Rush Township and 3004 in West Cameron Township.

• Brushing along routes 11 in Point Township, 2026 in Mt. Carmel Township and 3010 in Jackson Township.

• Shoulder cutting along Route 147 in Lower Augusta Township.

• Sign upgrade along Route 11 in Point Township.