Real estate transactions filed at courthouse

The following deeds have been registered in the Lycoming County Courthouse:


• Douglas A. Baxter to Mark W. Baxter and David J. McDermott, $250,000, 105 S. Main St.

Cogan House Township

• Collin T. and Emily J. Linn to Mark A. Jr. and Rebecca A. Freezer, $242,000, 278 Grandview Drive.

Mifflin Township

• Ronald B. and Serena A. Gregory to Steven J. Sensenig and Tracy L. Hapke, $249,000, 678 Zinck Road.


• Roger D. and Denise L. Jarrett to Vernon Dayle Proprs LLC, $85,000, 68 W. Houston Ave.

Upper Fairfield Township

• Donald W. Jr. and Kellie C. Wolfinger to Stanley T. Jr. and Karen F. Cizewski, $250,000, 89 Betts Drive.

• Robert W. and Ashley K. Grimes to Levi E. Jacobs, $127,900, 5398 Route 864.

Loyalsock Township

• Julie A. Bair to Terry H. Kline, $242,500, 163 Madison Ave.

• William C. and Susan L. Reighard to David E. and Ellen Machmer, $160,000, 1319 and 1323 E. Third St.


• Tracey A. Kopenhaver to Tevita W. and Iliana M. Kalamafon, $103,000, 2629 Newberry St.

• Carolyn C. and Anne L. Hindman to Connie L. Saiers, $48,000, 600 Spruce St.

Jordan Township

• Suzanne M. Raup to Justin Faulstick, $3,000, 2960 Salem School House Road.

Brown Township

• Grace Lubold to Randall Paul Davidson, $315,000, 150 Beach Road.

Jersey Shore

• Sandra J. and John E. Koch to Merle Lee III and Valerie A. Hively, $123,000, 302 Oak St.

McHenry Township

• Craig and Kathleen Kissell to Douglas A. and Marion C. Kissell, $400,000, 43 and 47 Hocker Lane.

McNett Township

• Tyler L. and Rebekkah L. Enck to Earl N. and Nancy S. Zimmerman, $320,000, 3224 Ellenton Mountain Road.

Fairfield Township

• Carlene Jean Keyte, executrix of the estate of Dotty J. Karschner, $130,000, 1324 Cemetary Road.

Old Lycoming Township

• Sara M. Robinson to Bryan S. Foust, $88,000, 1983 Yale Ave.

• Tim E. and Rebecca E. Montgomery to Zachariah Biichle, $43,500, 1815 Fry Ave.