World Community Day for women Friday

Walking through Doors of Opportunity is the theme of this year’s World Community Day which will be celebrated at 1 p.m. Friday at Albright LIFE Center, 901 Memorial Ave.

World Community Day is an annual event that brings Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian women together in a common worship experience that focuses on the issues of love, justice and community.

The Ecumenical Celebrations Committee invites all women to open a new door of opportunity by coming to the event. It will be an opportunity to get to know new people and it will be the perfect time for Jesus to open hearts so that He might come in and begin a renewal process that will help us to become disciples for Him.

Regina Gross, president of Church Women United of Lycoming County, encourages women to participate in the service and also to take the opportunity to share in the Christmas Stocking project for Nursing Homes in Lycoming County.

The Church Women United Executive Committee will host a refreshment time following the service. Tours of the Albright LIFE facility also will be offered.

Participating in the service are the Rev. Robin Myers, Diane Casella, Sally Grieco, Patricia Gohrs Audrae Rudy, Mary Ellen Keefer, Mary Jane Dahlgren and the Rev. David Trostle. The Albright LIFE Singers and Ringers will provide special music, led by director Sue Berta. Carol Waltz will be the accompanist.

There will be two speakers. Betsy Rider, owner of Otto’s Bookstore and a member of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Williamsport, will share how walking through the doors of Albright LIFE with her family changed their lives. Jennifer Albarano, the Albright marketing coordinator, will share how the programs of Albright LIFE integrate with families and our community.

Five special collections also will be taken at the service. They are:

Christmas stockings and a $3 donations for each stocking to be distributed throughout Lycoming County to Residents of Nursing Homes and Children in the Project Impact Program. Last year about 1,200 persons in our county felt the warmth of God’s love at Christmas thanks to your efforts. This year Pat Wittig and Barbara Allen, coordinators of the project, invite volunteers to assemble and pack stockings at 9 a.m. on Nov. 18 at Pine Street United Methodist Church, 441 Pine St.

Gift Certificates will be available. They are one significant way in which women of faith in Church Women United local units across the country can help support the mission of Church Women United in the United States and throughout the world. Grants and loans are provided around the world to enable women to become more autonomous, gaining skills, income and self-confidence, as well as working collectively for larger systemic change.

Offerings from the service, collected by Eleanor Derr, treasurer of Church Women United of Lycoming County, help support the women’s national ecumenical ministries of Church Women United for peace and justice, including its commitments to advancing the social and economic power of women.

The Fellowship of the Least Coin offering will be taken at the close of the service. It is the global prayer movement offering prayers for those who are victims of jealousy, hatred, violence and injustice to the family, community, nation and the world. At the time of the prayer one gives a “least coin” as a tangible token of prayer. The offerings are combined and given as grants to help right injustice in our world.

The Fair Share donations, which come from each local church, helps fund the work of our local Church Women United Chapter in Lycoming County and continues to be collected.

Patterns will be available at this celebration to make walker bags, which are urgently needed for area nursing homes. They will be collected in the March, World Day of Prayer celebration along with lap robes and catheter bag covers.