2014 UMC pastoral changes

The following pastoral appointment changes have been announced for the Williamsport District of the United Methodist Church, effective July 1:

Pastors leaving the Williamsport District:

Rev. Robin Baer (St. Paul-Calvary) has been appointed to McConnellsburg UMC in the Altoona District.

Pastor Grace Marie Ransom (Clarkstown UMC) has been appointed as associate pastor at First Hollidaysburg in the Altoona District.

Pastor Robert Ransom (Pennsdale Trinity-Huntersville Charge) has been appointed to Hannah-Tyrone Christ Charge in the Altoona District.

Pastors coming to the Williamsport District:

Rev. Mary Dotson to Lawrenceville Calvary.

Pastor Christine Freeman to the Five-Star Parish.

Rev. Susan Halverstadt to the Warrensville-Heilman Charge.

Pastor Kevin St. Martin to the Pennsdale Trinity-Huntersville Charge.

The Rev. Jennet Wertz to St. Paul-Calvary, Williamsport.

Pastor Josh Wargo to Phelps Chapel.

Congratulations to those pastors who are retiring this year:

Rev. Allen Hulslander (Lawrenceville Calvary).

Pastor Sherry Good (Knoxville-Austinburg Charge).

Pastor James Rouse (Trinity Charge).

Pastor Connie Waugh (Warrensville-Heilman Charge).

Rev. H. Russell Blanchard (Centennial-White Pine Charge).