Ministry seeks people for mentoring program

MILTON – JMeg Ministries Inc. is seeking individuals with a heart for people and a heart to serve others through its mentoring program – The Jeremiah Project.

“Guiding teens toward positive adulthood should be the task of all of society,” said cofounder Dave Jones, “JMeg is simply seeking to fill a gap.”

J29 Life Planning Services is at the heart of The Jeremiah Project, serving as a one-on-one connection with teens and young adults. Available to young people from 11 to 21 years of age, the program aims to guide and foster the growth of young people into adulthood, in the Milton and surrounding areas.

Mentors must be 21 years of age or older, and will have appropriate training and background checks done. They will have a minimum requirement of once per month face-to-face meetings with the individual they are mentoring. Connections can include restaurants, sporting events, etc.

Those interested in serving as a mentor should contact JMeg Ministries Inc. at 570-246-3235 or

Though JMeg is a religious organization, religious instruction is only given upon request.

JMeg Ministries seeks to share the love of Jesus through church revival, evangelism and missions.

Founded in November 2012, JMeg is the result of God’s call on Dave and Dottie Jones. Seeking to challenge the church to think outside its walls, while also reaching out to the “least of these,” the Joneses stepped out in faith to share the love Jesus.