Dads, we can all do better

Do I have any dads in the house? Most guys struggle with being a loving father. Many of us grew up without one to show us the way. Many of us had stepfathers that didn’t know what they were doing. Many others just had mean dads.

Being a loving father is a challenge in this life, because we equate ‘manly’ behavior with brutal behavior. We confuse leadership with being a bully. We think our responsibility is making sure everyone in the house knows we’re the boss.

Either that, or we just check out. We don’t engage in meaningful conversations, or really, any conversations at all. Maybe some of us think ‘being there’ means showing up physically – but we’re distracted or on the cellphone or watching TV.

But there’s a way to know how to do it right. We have an example in our Lord Jesus Christ, who said that anyone who’s seen Him has seen the Father. He was born on this earth fully God and fully man, just to help us understand what His love really looks like, and to redeem us from the curse mankind had been under for years.

We can be kind. We can hug. We can say, “I love you.” We can truly listen to the needs and requests of our family and others. We’re biggest and strongest and the most commanding when we’re showing that kind of love to our families. We can set boundaries for our children that protect them without being brutish and cruel. We can teach our children to pray by leading the family in prayer, and setting the example. We can teach our young boys how to talk to women, by honoring their mother with an appreciative attitude toward her, admiring her with Godly admiration openly.

I have a challenge for you. Go to my Facebook page ( and share something that you want to improve in your role as a loving father. Let’s celebrate as we let God cover us, lead us and teach us how to up our game.

Are you with me?