Action, morale are much needed

Reclaiming the morale of the community will be a start at lessening the crime and death toll that has been skyrocketing for the last few years in this city.

After living in Williamsport for 40 years, I have experienced tremendous changes within this community. Safety has diminished, to be replaced with death, violence and drug abuse, along with drug solicitations all over our community. We have hit a hard spot of crime and overwhelming violence in a community once provided with peace and security. It’s a heartfelt grievance for the citizens who work hard to keep the environment safe and productive for the children and youth who will lead in the future.

The strength of the community lies in the weakest link. But what do we find to be the weakest link? It a pleasure to explain. I can envision the weakest link as having to do with the people that make up the community as a whole. Finding ways to solve the problems that society faces, we will strengthen the weakest link. This in turn allows the delegated officials to lead and better serve the community, providing for the health and well being of its people.

When the leading officials align themselves with the responsibility that has been entrusted to their care, they will be more efficient in their efforts to keep a safe and respectable environment for the people. When the people of the community are in disarray, it is hard for its leaders to keep the proper order among the people. However, we can gain back our community if we work together to regain our moral values individually and collectively. Somewhere along the way we lost the harmony and started the decline toward an immoral society, But little did we realize that the most important loss was when we excluded the greatest asset to keeping a peaceful society: prayer in public places. We took prayer and the mention of God from the most needed places, thus marking the community for crime, violence and fewer job opportunities. Ex-convicts struggle with redeeming their status within the society. Teen pregnancy has run amuck. The family structure continues to decline toward one-parent households.

To solve the problems of the community, we need to find ways to empower the people and give them tools to work with for confidence in themselves, to aid in restoring integrity and dignity to those who deem themselves as failures. It’s time to stop making promises that can’t be kept. The community’s wellbeing is entrusted to hands of those who state, “I promise Change.” We are tired of hearing, “I promised change, but I changed the promise.” This leaves the community in a hopeless state of mind continually. Let’s take action and regain the morale of our society and bring back the peace and safety we once experienced.

– Herritt is a pastor with Straight-line Outreach Ministries.