A rhyme in time: Stop limiting Jesus

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Kari Greenaway is a New England native who lives in Cogan Station with her husband, Mark. At the urging of the Holy Spirit, she recently began writing uplifting and relevant poems that occasionally will be published in the Sun-Gazette Religion section. Email: arhymeintime@yahoo.com

Stop, I say and gather round,

I give a request that by mountains will resound.

Stop this unrighteous nitpicking,

This limiting of Jesus, many are committing!

Stop the fighting, in stead come full round,

To prayers instead, with unison sound!

You will not have any power until you see,

You’ll find no end to strife, you’ll find no sense of  peace!

So give it up, stop limiting Jesus!

You’ll find Hope, move mountains when you see this.

Pray that nothing move your hands  or your feet,

Pray you, not other, than by His will proceed!

Pray that in your life, His will be done,

And that, by His power, in the name of the Son!

Truly I tell you it is the state of your heart,

Let no man tell you, that to hell you depart!

It is the Father alone, who by your life can make art.

Some say they are of this, or of that belief,

I tell you now there is only one relief!

And that is when your heart doth rest,

In the arms of the Saviour who gave it breath!

So let not one tell the other no,

By eating this, that you shan’t go,

Or by wearing that or wearing this,

You’ll not taste heaven, not taste bliss.

For on the cross, Jesus to the malefactor did there say,

“…thee with me shalt in paradise be today”!

He did not say get ye down and be baptized or I’ll revoke,

Your entry into heaven, that by belief to me has spoke!

For if that was the case, then what hope would there be,

Of Heavenly Mercy, for him, her, me?

For it is the state of our heart, Praise the Lord! At last breath,

That ultimately in the hands of our Father doth rest!

So, put off those things, and thoughts done like a child,

The chastising of the Lord, has yet been mild!

Love the Lord, with all your soul, mind, heart,

From anything else you had best depart!

Love thy neighbor as thyself, Is likened also as a request,

On these two commands,

All the law and the prophets doth hang, doth rest!