A rhyme in time

You Are A Child of Mine


Heart of beauty, heart so fine,

Return to Me,

Towards My will align.

Weather rough, weather fair,

Sheltering under My wings,

Has no care.

You think, that you are in the low,

But I can see, that is not so.

Like a flower bud,

Like a farmer sow,

I am slowly beginning,

To let you know.

You cannot see,

You are finished as a rose,

I delicately woo you,

From My foes.

You are My child, this you hope,

A knot I unwind, as a rope.

I will, you divine,

As your Master, in My time.

I know you high,

I know you valley low,

There is no place without me,

That you can go.

Dreams that you have built,

According to Me,

Are full my love, of purity.

Ask Me fully into your heart,

And you will see,

Things divine, things heavenly.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Kari Greenaway is a New England native who lives in Cogan Station with her husband, Mark. At the urging of the Holy Spirit, she recently began writing uplifting and relevant poems that occasionally will be published in the Sun-Gazette Religion section. Email: kari@greenawaypoetry.com)