A rhyme in time



(Tri-T is Father, Son, Spirit)

Slow of speech, slow of tongue,

He quickens you, for the run.

Heart He staid, fast he prose,

Where Tri-T is, one oft knows.

Fruit He be and fruit He bear,

Giving many a sense of care.

Fleeting time, and chiming clock,

Mighty Tri-T hearts he lock.

Be full of use, be full of care,

Little hearts, begin to dare.

Dare to will, and dare to see,

The place in your heart,

He will meet.

He’ll hold you tight,

With just a thought,

Untie that hardened,

Heart from knot.

He’ll cause you to remember,

Cause you to see,

By no one else can you be free.

Let Him in, let Him be,

Let him abide,

In the heart of thee.

He is here, he is real,

Drawing, pulling, hearts to kneel.

Revered is, Love is He,

Father, Son, Spirit mighty!