Bud’s corner

The real test of a congregation and its ministry is the spirituality of its members. Spirituality involves our total life, and will be seen in:

• The messages we preach

• The daily lives we live.

• Our attendance.

• Our stewardship, giving and involvement.

• Our home and family lives.

• Our love for one another.

• Our personal lives and commitment to Christ.

• Our mission that God gives us.

To neglect any of these areas is a lack of spirituality. In every area we should strive to bring glory to God; on the job, fulfilling duties at home, in school, work or on the recreation field.

Paul wrote, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Col 3:17

I think we Christians have substituted being a hard worker, or good family man, or being a good student of the Bible, or being good stewards, or faithful every Lord’s day in attending church for the real calling to evangelize the lost. We are either obedient to the calling or we are not. The church grows because the mentors are truly spiritual and have good fruit to prove it.

Evangelism is more caught than taught. Transformed lives need to be the fruit of good preaching and good examples of our congregation.

What really happens when people repent and truly turn to the Lord? First, sin no longer is their master. The old is gone and the new has come. This is a very critical time in the new convert’s life. They still have old friends who were a bad influence. The church now must give this convert new stability. That’s why they need a small group.

Second, the new convert is baptized and attends church on a regular basis. Now, the learning process really begins. They must learn and understand why certain things are important. The why of obedience, the why of the Lord’s Supper, the why of stewardship and the why of faithfulness. The why gives the true foundation of a new convert’s growth and stability. They now understand that true fruitfulness comes from God.

Still, we have converts that are rebellious. They stumble at wisdom and understanding. But the wise realize and understand where blessings come from and why. They have peace, love, kindness, etc; the fruit of the spirit. These will be the future teachers and leaders of the local congregation. Who knows what God will do with their service in the kingdom?

We kingdom people have a kingdom mission to a lost and dying world. Let’s be about the Lord’s business.

— Yoder is an evangelist at the Christian Church at Cogan Station