A rhyme in time

Stepping stone graduate


We couldn’t be prouder of you!

We’ll share a story,

From our point of view.

A short skit of your life,

In poem form,

A small twist and Step,

Away from the norm.

In our minds eye,

We can imagine you,

Leaving stepping stone 1,

For stepping stone 2.

You were a bright,

and inquisitive child,

Songs of laughter,

Brought forth smiles.

Life would hold,

Much in store for you,

You soon left the safety,

Of stepping stone 2.

Stepping stone 3,

Was not too much of a bore,

And soon you were reaching,

For stepping stone 4.

As each stone was tread past,

Your pace did increase,

With your typical style,

And heart full of peace.

And soon to our dismay,

And sometimes delight,

You were tackling stones,

With nary a fright.

All of a sudden,

You had truly attained,

The diploma stepping stone,

Which bears your name.

Courageously now,

With your hand reaching out,

New life is before you,

With glee you do shout.

Keep your eagerness,

And determination in check,

More stones are before you,

So please take a breath.

Know each moment,

That you spend in the air,

Is another stepping stone won,

And one more year.

We’re so thankful for you,

And what you’ve become.

How did you ever learn,

To stepping stone run?

Although this note,

Must truly end,

We hope you’ve enjoyed,

This poem penned.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Kari Greenaway is a New England native who lives in Cogan Station with her husband, Mark. At the urging of the Holy Spirit, she recently began writing uplifting and relevant poems that occasionally will be published in the Sun-Gazette Religion section. Email: kari@greenawaypoetry.com