A rhyme in time


Effort to me

brings a sound of hope.

That selfless step

unknowingly evokes

So much more

than ever meets any eye.

The inward path

of a love made live.

Our Father though

He surely knows

the effort you took

towards hope.

Many times

I have sobbed, I’ve cried.

Wondered how

to keep another’s hope alive.

I bow today

as I thank God in my heart

for the grace of setting

my tears apart.

To use towards gathering

up a cry

“I’ll put forth effort

God will supply!”

Let no one’s soul

be found without Hope!

Let effort gain force

take up the rope.

Won’t you please go ahead

reach out now?

Put effort towards

the ones without.

Brighten up

a heart life has made low.

The effect is eternal

don’t you know?

Lift them up

towards a hope made anew.

God will ever bless

the efforts of you!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Kari Greenaway is a New England native who lives in Cogan Station with her husband, Mark. At the urging of the Holy Spirit, she recently began writing uplifting and relevant poems that occasionally will be published in the Sun-Gazette Religion section. Email: kari@greenawaypoetry.com