Bud’s Corner: Challenges abound

How many challenges do you think you will face today? Some people call them problems, but I call them challenges. For sure, each day will bring some for us all.

The seasons of the year bring different challenges. In the winter we have snow and cold. This winter was a real challenge. We had to deal with slippery roads, ice and sleet. It takes more fuel and different clothes in the winter. The driveways must be cleared of snow and the roads plowed. Yes, winter can be a constant challenge.

Then, the summer brings other things, such as the heat and air conditioning. We travel more because of vacations and trips since the weather is nice. In the summer the children are out of school, another challenge Extra time and trips to ball games and special things for the kids to do. Each season has its own challenges.

Then we have challenges in our jobs. There always is something. Pressure from our superiors for more production or the lack of work or layoffs. Maybe those you work with are a big challenge. They may be hard to get along with or just nasty. However, we have to work and face these challenges each day.

We are challenged with our finances. Money is a big item in our everyday lives. There always are choices that have to be made on how our money is spent so that it goes around meeting all our needs. It takes money for the house, the children, to fix the car, pay the taxes, to go out to eat, new clothes, and on and on it goes. These are big challenges we face on a daily bases.

How about the challenge of marriage? The home is full of different personalities and different needs. Babies grow up to be adults. Then challenges change again. Children go from diapers to driver’s licenses. Some need strict disciplines; others are no challenge at all. The marriage can be stressed or blessed during child-raising years. These are challenging years.

In spite of all these challenges, and there are many more I have not mentioned, life is good. We have a free will to live and make decisions. God gives us so many years on this earth to live and face life every day. Someone once said, “the problem with life is that it keeps coming at you every day.” That is true.

The secret to all of this is contentment. God designed life to fulfill us, not destroy us. Contentment comes as we mature and realize that life has value. Our families have value. Our jobs have value. Our relationships have value. Contentment is the product of a satisfied mind and heart.

It’s not the challenges or problems we face, but how we face them. A flat tire on the car is not the end of the world or the furnace running out of fuel in the middle of winter. They only are challenges to test our maturity and ability to cope with life. A death or deadly disease is a crisis. So change what you can, accept what you can’t and strive to be content with your lot in life.

— Yoder is an evangelist at the Christian Church at Cogan Station