A Rhyme in Time

Love! Need I say more?

Father I know,

you will immeasurably bless

Those who read

this poets address.

For I was once

a dirty and broken soul.

The life I lived,

held thoughts untold.

Hard to guess

or even for others to see

The internal workings

of my heart unhealthy.

You Lord, I praise!

you didn’t cast me a stone.

This heart you healed

N’ did make yourself known.

There is nothing, Lord

that goes by you unseen.

Sin tries to use hiding

N’ secrets, as its means.

Let shushing and hushing

be a thing of the past.

No one will you lose

who to your promises hold fast.


you are not

pulling one over on Him!

Mend your ways, call on Him

and repent of your sin!

His book will tell you in advance

how the story will unfold.

Give it up, try your hand at love

please, give it a go!

God will use any and every

harm done towards good.

This battle against innocence

Is another day in the “hood!”

Problem is

some are confused

at the battle location.

Let me clear up this “hood,”

yup, it’s this earthly nation.

Lo and behold

there is coming a day

when evil will finally

be put in its place.

So I for one

will look towards hope, live!

nothing on earth

that Jesus can’t cope with.

You know what they say,

yup, no time like today.

To grasp at the rope

being sent to you this day,

Don’t be a prisoner

this life, it is too short!

Jesus paid our ransom

need I say more?