Apple Dental treats patients right

MUNCY – For the past 20 years, Apple Dental, 929 Lycoming Mall Drive, has been making sure patients are treated right.

Dr. Lawrence Leggieri said he understands how important it is to feel comfortable during any medical appointment. Born without a left ear, Leggieri had 45 surgeries as a child.

“There were a lot of great doctors and a lot that weren’t so nice,” he said. ” … It gives me an opportunity to treat patients the way I wanted (to be treated).”

Leggieri said there isn’t many services that he doesn’t offer, except orthodontics. The practice offers routine checkups to root canals.

Leggieri said he “always wanted to be a doctor,” but didn’t choose dentistry until speaking with someone about the career after taking a three-year break from school. He also has learned about the treatment of others from the variety of medical issues facing his family, he said.

“Everybody has those challenges in their lives,” Leggieri said. “There’s always trials along the way.”

He tries his best to make patients feel comfortable, as he realizes it’s common for them to have a fear of the dentist. Leggieri said he isn’t exactly sure why there is a fear of dental work, but suspects it has to do with the location of the procedures. He said people usually don’t like it when others stand over them and work on anything dealing with their heads or face.

“The head is an emotional area,” he said. “The closer we go to the head, the more threatened we feel.”

Along with routine work, the practice tries to give back to the community. Each year it hosts “Doctors from the Heart,” which sees the business see about 100 patients at no cost. This year’s event is scheduled for April 19. It is offered at a first come, first serve basis.

“My whole team donates their time,” Leggieri said.

Leggieri also wants to help his staff, he said. He holds meetings where he discusses not only how to improve the practice, but how to do things that will help employees with life tasks, such as budgeting. He said this is part of his goal to see “never-ending growth,” by both the practice and staff.

Being a “goal-oriented person” is why Leggieri chose to open his own practice.

“I like setting my own path,” he said.

And it is that continued growth that Leggieri is working towards.

“(I hope) to have a business that is sustainable for when I retire that whoever takes over can have a good business,” he said.